Granarolo Adopts DiliTrust Governance for the Digitalisation of their Corporate Governance

Milan, Italy, 18th December, 2018 – DiliTrust, the leader in governance solutions, today is announcing the signature of the Granarolo Group as a new client. The Granarolo Group have adopted DiliTrust Governance in order to digitise and streamline the  management of the corporate governance of their subsidaries.

Granarolo is the largest Italian group in the agri-food sector and the most important Italian milk production chain. The group have recorded a  continuously increasing turnover, the result of a successful international strategy and innovative diversification of their products.

The Granarolo group have chosen the DiliTrust Governance collaborative platform for the management of  their corporate affairs and governance of all of the group’s companies. DiliTrust Governance is a collaborative legal platform used to overview, centralise and organise all  legal activities in  corporate Legal Departments. It allows users to seamlessly manage their subidiaries, power of attorney and proxies as well as disputes, contracts and documents. It also allows users to manage all their legal information in one secure place while storing data and documents, monitoring activities, sharing reports and creating dynamic dashboards. Users can also use the tool to analyse KPI’s, create notifications in order to improve collaboration and set alerts to keep track of all deadlines. The platform also updates in real time all new information and changes to fluidly retrieve and sync archived data.

Fabrizio Gallotti, Country Manager of DiliTrust Italy commented: “In the spirit of the collaborative aspect of the DiliTrust Governance tool, our collaboration with the Granarolo group was born. We are particularly honored by the partnership with the Granarolo group as it represents the opportunity to work alongside a dominate player in the Italian and global agri-food market. It will also enable DiliTrust to consolidate our international growth as a governance solutions supplier, and it will give further impetus to our entry into the Italian corporate governance market, after our growth in other European countries, in the Middle East and in North America”.

Francesca De Santis, Head of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance at Granarolo commented: “Thanks to this partnership we will be able to manage in a single shared tool all the information and documents necessary for the simple, safe and efficient management of corporate affairs and governance of all the Group’s companies, both in Italy and internationally.”

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