Simplify the Management of Your Board Meetings

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A comprehensive solution that enables both board members and general secretaries to collaborate in a dedicated and secure environment.

Easy to use
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Board Members are a very diverse population that, more often than not, sit on numerous committees. Making their life easier, and giving time for more valuable engagements starts with tools they can use seamlessly. Board Portal is designed knowing that and meets that diversity, providing an easy experience on any device for all your board members.

Adapt Board Portal
to your needs

Board Portal has been designed keeping in my that board organizers have to juggle with different constraints and needs. You can adapt the way you use Board Portal to your specific needs, even as they evolve across time. Flexibility doesn’t come at the cost of simplicity with DiliTrust.  

A secure and helpful environment

Boards handle highly sensitive documents. At the crossroad of high level of control and security and easy to use software, you will find DiliTrust. Operating boards for hundreds of traded companies, you have the guarantee of a tool that exceeds your security expectations while providing advanced features. Not only is our software highly secure, but our infrastructure is sovereign for all of our customers. 

Maximize Your Time, Minimize Your Tools

Save up to 50% of your time with an all-in-one solution for effortless governance




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Streamline Your Board Meeting Setup

  • Meeting Preparation: create and/or duplicate previous board meetings, saving time and ensuring consistency. Easily replicate previous votes and surveys, streamlining the planning process. 
  • Document Management: go paperless by uploading and sharing files directly within the portal, ensuring every member has access to essential documents in a central and secure platform.  
  • Communication and Notifications: send custom notifications, integrated with email providers, for invitations and reminders. 
  • Collaborative Tools: facilitate real-time collaboration with instant changes, chats and interactive tools like annotations and sticky notes. 
  • Agenda Management: enable each member to propose agenda topics well in advance, fostering a collaborative agenda-setting process that aligns with various perspectives.   
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Save Time and Simplify Decision-Making

  • Meeting Management: track attendance online or on-site. Use integrated e-signature providers like Adobe Sign, SignatureIT, or DocuSign, for secure e-signing directly within the DiliTrust platform. Enhance information security with customized watermarks on crucial assets. 
  • E-signatures: each document and attendance sheet can be e-signed directly in the platform, by using one of the aforementioned integrated e-signature providers. This feature allows the users to stay on the same platform, to perform all governance tasks. 
  • Voting and Surveys: simplify decision-making by managing votes (including weighted votes and surveys, in real-time or on a scheduled timeline, facilitating collaboration for international teams. 
  • Minutes and Resolutions: easily generate, store, and access minutes and resolutions within the platform, to ensure a comprehensive record of decisions and discussions for effective governance and accountability. 
Interface Board Portal during the meeting
Interface Board Portal after the meeting


Harness Data for Informed Decisions

  • Post-Meeting Analysis: analyze board efficiency with tailor-made KPIs. Generating surveys and sharing critical information with stakeholders. Enable comprehensive audit activities with tracking for attendance, votes, and survey history. Access embedded statistics and customizable KPIs for data-driven decisions. Track user data, meeting details, document interactions, and miscellaneous activities. 
  • Minutes Generation: simplify documentation with AI-generated minutes based on summarized documents, agendas, and meeting transcriptions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in documenting important decisions and discussions. 
  • Storage and sharing of minutes: digitally store and share meeting minutes and resolutions. Enhance information security with watermarks. 
  • Signature Management: simplify signature management by grouping pending signatures, allowing efficient handling by the general secretary. 

A Comprehensive Solution That Caters to the Diverse Needs of All Stakeholders, Ensuring Smooth Collaboration and Efficient Governance Processes

For Board Members

Designed specifically for directors, the platform provides secure access to essential information before, during, and after meetings, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations. Board members can easily access and edit documents according to company privacy policies, even in offline mode, using tablets to manage audio, video, and documents. As honorary figures not involved in day-to-day operations but valuable sponsors, board members find our Board Portal module tailored to their lifestyle, enhancing their overall experience.

As they engage in all of their activities, board members will greatly benefit from the tablets’ ease of use and flexibility. In the boardroom or on the go – online or offline – tablets allow board members to access meeting documents, review agendas, and participate in discussions. In board meetings, touchscreen interfaces make it easy to navigate and interact with meeting materials.

For Corporate Secretaries

Corporate secretaries benefit from the Board Portal as a tool to deliver board needs swiftly and efficiently. With streamlined workflows and secure communication, corporate secretaries can create meetings, generate surveys, upload documents, and manage signatures and votes with ease. Acting as the right-hand person to top management, corporate secretaries oversee the organization of board meetings from start to finish, alleviating stress and digitizing processes. The Board Portal ensures agile organization, eliminating the hassle of physical board books and multiple tools, allowing corporate secretaries to focus on ensuring smooth board meeting operations.

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The Board Portal Is an Indispensable Tool for Effectively Managing All Board and Committee Meetings Within an Organization

At DiliTrust, our mission is to empower board leaders and executives with the technology, insights, and processes necessary for effective governance, resilience, and growth in the digital era.


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Benefit from top-tier certifications and rigorous data protection measures in our suite. Enjoy features like two-factor authentication, encryption, and controlled access rights for robust security.

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Experience the power of AI with our suite’s integrated features.
From OCR technology to Machine Learning algorithms, we bring cutting-edge technology to streamline your tasks.

Plug-and-play integrations

Connect effortlessly with your existing tools and systems through our suite’s plug-and-play integrations. Whether through API integrations or tailored solutions, we empower you to adapt and optimize your workflows.

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