Navigate Your Corporate Entities With Peace of Mind

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Get a complete view of all entities and centralize your legal data. Simplify access to real-time and historical information about your group to stay in control of your organization.

Simply centralize complex data

Our Legal Entity Management (LEM) software allows you to store and document complex and critical data about your entities (share transfer, ownerships, mandate, …) very simply and make easily accessible and actionable. The Entities module of the DiliTrust Governance suite ensures seamless organization and accessibility, simplifying the management of your entity data. 

Adapt to your subsidiaries reality

Experience flexible collaboration tailored to meet the needs of both small and large enterprises. Seamlessly collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders to manage the complexities of legal entity management. Access historical data effortlessly, empowering informed decision-making even when reviewing past information. Our customizable features adapt to your unique requirements, enabling efficient workflows and personalized experiences. 

Have a secure source of truth

Ensure reliable governance and security by streamlining the delegation process, maintaining clarity, and transparency in authority assignments. Benefit from top-tier security protocols and certifications, making our suite the single source of truth for all stakeholders, including finance, HR, and the board. Our platform becomes the cornerstone of trust and accountability, ensuring that every decision and action is backed by secure and reliable data.

Have you ever wondered if a single tool could simplify the management of your group?




Entity Management module interface


Comprehensive Entities Information Hub

  • Vote rights distribution with automatic calculation.
  • Access to distribution of capital for each entity.
  • Access and export centralized information related to your company’s entities: legal statuses, key contacts, ownership structures, important documents, employee information, and other relevant data.
  • Manage assets with multi-criteria filters on notes and documents.
  • Manage and track deadlines and obligations related to your entities, like contract renewals, regulatory filings and compliance deadlines.
  • Set up automatic reminders to ensure you meet all legal and regulatory obligations to minimize legal risks. You can create a team or personal reminder.
  • Use semantic Search engine bar to quickly find any information on all tenants the user working on. Filter on default or customized fields to speed up the process. Companies can be searched by their current and former names.
Entity Management module interface


Manage Your Entities in an Organized Way

  • Easily collaborate with your internal teams and external partners to share information, documents, and updates in real-time. So, decision-making is now faster and more efficient.
  • Access to OrgChart to view charts of organization, individuals, mandates, DoA, with specific key information.
  • Manage rights to define specific access authorizations for each user, ensuring that only authorized persons can view, modify, or share sensitive information. You can closely control access levels to protect data confidentiality and ensure compliance with your company’s security policies.
  • Generate customized reports and analyse your entities, deadlines, governance responsibilities and other important aspects to get a clear picture of the situation and make better-informed decisions.
  • Share a public view every user can share a specific view with all the other users. The structure of the view is public, but the data could be locked. Each user can notify another one that a view may interest them.
  • Use integrated e-signature providers such as Adobe Sign, SignatureIT and DocuSign.
Entity Management module interface
Entity Management module interface


Efficient Delegation Management for Streamlined Operations

  • Delegate authority and responsibility to one or several people. This feature permits to identify the right person for the right delegation.
  • Use faculties library to list and define all the responsibility and authority to delegate.
  • Access to the delegation profile to view faculties that are assigned together to a same role or group of people.
  • Assign delegations to one person or several people at a time. So that, it permits to assign faculties in-mass, and then to customize the assignment for each person (unitary remove or add faculties to the packaged profile). The delegator and the delegate are assigned for a delegation profile. 
  • Access to the delegation tree which displays the chain of delegation for a faculty, that is included in a delegation. The delegation tree is based on the relationship between a delegator and a delegate.

By using technology, the Entities module brings your entity management to the next level! It offers you various features to support your organization in achieving its short and long-term goals by facing to these four main challenges:

  • Ensuring highly reliable data management
  • Establishing a record of data evolution
  • Providing the highest levels of cybersecurity
  • Foster sharing and collaboration
Entity Management module interface

All the Features to Support Your Organization in Achieving Its Short And Long-Term Goals

Ensuring the protection of corporate data, maintaining compliance and mitigating risks through the use of cloud technologies compliant with the most stringent security protocols

Streamline sharing and approval processes and automatically track every activity. Set due dates and reminders, update data in bulk, and custom workflows.

Improve collaboration across departments. Customize access rights of specific teams/users to documents and minutes. Set up a more streamlined electronic signature process.

Make all information easily usable, even over the years, thanks to an efficient method of data historicization.

Why Is It Now Essential to Have a Dedicated Platform for Group Management?

Investing in a dedicated platform for corporate group management ensures a marked improvement in the operations of all stakeholders involved. Indeed, these must be assured that the systems they rely on are highly reliable, scalable, and provide continuity over time.

By taking full advantage of the benefits of modern innovative tools, already many groups are able to streamline and accelerate many operational processes, thus investing their resources’ time on activities that create real value for the company.


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Your security is our priority

Rest easy knowing your entities data is fortified with top-tier certifications and robust data protection measures. Our suite employs advanced security protocols ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information.

Training and 24/7 support

Get the assistance you need, when you need it. Our dedicated support team provides round-the-clock assistance in multiple languages, tailored training sessions, and responsive support to address any queries or concerns promptly.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI-driven insights and automation to streamline your entity management workflows. From semantic search to predictive analytics, our proprietary AI capabilities empower smarter decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

Plug-and-play integrations

Integrate our LEM solution with your existing tools and systems, creating a seamless ecosystem tailored to your unique needs and workflows. Whether through API integrations or customized solutions, unlock the full potential of our platform.

Ready to Transform Your Operations?

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