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Dilitrust customer service is available 24/7

Our commitment to your success extends well beyond providing a software solution.

Being close to our customers is a priority for DiliTrust. Our Customer Success team is at there service and offers premium support in the best possible way in all phases of their digitization.

24/7 Availability

Our support team is available round the clock, every day, to assist you. No matter the hour, you can reach out for prompt assistance and resolution of your queries.

Internal Support Team

We maintain an internal support team, to ensure consistent and high-quality assistance directly from our trained staff. By keeping support in-house, we prioritize client satisfaction and truly tailored solutions to meet their needs.


Our support services are available in multiple languages to facilitate effective communication and personalized assistance. We aim to be accessible to all our clients, regardless of their language preferences.

Unlimited Dedicated Support

Our clients receive personalized and unlimited support from our expert Customer Success team, fostering a direct partnership to achieve concrete goals.

We offer tailored support and training options, including dedicated project and account managers, customizable platform features, and extensive e-learning resources. With a focus on empowering teams and driving results, we ensure clients have the support they need, whether through personalized training sessions, e-learning platforms, or periodic meet-ups.

Dedicated Project Manager

Benefit from dedicated support throughout the implementation process with our experienced project managers. Your assigned project manager will work closely with your team to ensure a smooth and successful transition to our platform, providing guidance, assistance, and personalized support every step of the way.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get ongoing support and guidance from your dedicated account manager after the implementation. Your account manager will serve as your main point of contact, providing valuable insights, addressing any concerns, and facilitating additional training sessions or workshops as needed.

Customization of the Platform

Shape your platform according to your business needs. We understand every organization is unique, which is why we want to ensure our solution aligns perfectly with your requirements.

E-learning, Help Center, Webinars

Leverage our e-learning platform from Day 1. Access our comprehensive help center, complete with tutorials and videos. Additionally, participate in monthly or on-demand training webinars organized by Customer Success, for a deeper understanding of our solution.

Personalized Training Sessions

Participate in tailored training sessions for administrators and users. We provide you with personalized guidance to ensure everyone is equipped with the skills and knowledge to make the most of our solution.

Periodic Physical Meet-ups

Connect with us in person during periodic physical meet-ups. These sessions provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction, networking, and in-depth discussions about our platform and its features.

Maximize Governance Efficiency!

Discover how our tailored support and training possibilities help optilmize your governance activities.

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