Your Capabilities

Your Capabilities

DiliTrust tools are designed to integrate with your information system to increase efficiency and data reliability. We provide a diverse range of integrations, seamlessly connecting our platform with your existing tools and systems, to make the most of them and streamline your operations.

Dilitrust tools

Two Types of Integrations for Full Flexibility

Our platform is not just a tool; it’s an open ecosystem designed to adapt to your unique needs. With two levels of integrations, we provide the ultimate flexibility for our users. Whether you prefer Plug & Play integrations or tailored ones with APIs, DiliTrust has you covered.  



Plug & Play Integrations

DiliTrust partners with industry-leading providers to offer hassle-free Plug&Play integrations.

Productivity Suites

Productivity Suites

Thanks to the integrations with the Google Suite and Office 365, you will be able to create contracts, streamline document editing, structure templates, and generate detailed reports directly within the Contract Management module of the DiliTrust Governance suite.



By connecting your CRM with DiliTrust, you can harness existing information to initiate contract generation effortlessly. Whether you use Salesforce, Hubspot of Microsoft Dynamics, you will save time, ensure consistency, and avoid duplicated data within your database.

Integrated E-signatures Providers

Easily manage your document signing processes without ever leaving our platform.

DiliTrust Governance is integrated with the leading signature providers on the market, including Docusign, Connective, AdobeSign, Signature IT, Hellosign, Yousign, and Universign.

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Easy Integration With API

Connect your existing solutions and systems with our platform using API integrations.

Our open architecture allows for easy connection of current and future tools, ensuring real-time access to up-to-date data. With our user-friendly API (REST/GraphQL), you can manage costs and IT development to easily connect modules to other solutions, thus creating endless possibilities for optimized workflows that are tailored to your evolving needs.

Integrate With Ease

Discover how our plug-and-play and API integrations seamlessly connect with your existing software solutions, streamlining your workflows and enhancing efficiency across your organization.

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