Minimize Risks
Maximize Outcomes

Collobarator using the Litigation module

The Litigation module empowers you to strategically minimize risks, efficiently manage costs and achieve optimal outcomes in legal proceedings.

Centralize and harmonize your cases 

The Litigation module simplifies the complex task of managing litigation and disputes. By centralizing all related information for each case, legal experts can easily access and share information in a secure environment. Customizable follow-up criteria ensure that procedures are tracked efficiently, while the analysis of losses and gains refines litigation strategies, empowering legal teams to make informed decisions confidently.

Adapt your litigation management to your business practices

Our Litigation module offers flexible case management tailored to the unique needs of your organization. It optimizes and streamlines case management processes, allowing you to organize documentation, identify stakeholders, and conduct analyses on all cases. Automation of tasks improves performance, while configurable labeling systems classify cases for easy tracking.

Create visibility and reportability on your litigations

Reduce operational and financial risks with our Litigation module. Seamlessly manage the financial aspects of each case in one integrated application, tracking expenses and receiving alerts for deadlines. Clear financial data management helps minimize risks while managing litigation expenditure effectively, ensuring better risk anticipation and planning for legal teams.

Limit Risks and Manage Costs

Anticipate the financial impact of litigation, ensure compliance and improve collaboration across teams with the Litigation module, a comprehensive solution that helps you achieve legal success.




Litigation module interface


Anticipate the Financial Impact of Proceedings With Precision

  • Gain an automated overview of profits and losses stemming from litigation activities.
  • Access a clear financial balance encompassing past, current, and projected proceedings
  • Streamline accounting reconciliations for enhanced efficiency
  • Ensure process security by never missing critical dates or deadlines, enabling proactive planning for next steps
  • Identify contract clauses prone to disputes, empowering better negotiation strategies for future contracts
  • Analyze the cost-effectiveness and performance of legal representation to optimize resource allocation
Litigation module interface


Enhance Collaboration for Favorable Outcomes

  • Centralize and share critical information with both internal and external stakeholders involved in each proceeding.
  • Utilize a single source of truth, facilitating collaboration on all case-related documents, including agendas, notes, video conference links, and meeting minutes
  • Track all actions conducted by internal and external users for comprehensive oversight
  • Engage in secure discussions about proceedings via integrated chat, with the ability to delete compromising messages
  • Identify contentious contract clauses to inform negotiation strategies for future contracts
  • Ensure total confidentiality of conferences to safeguard sensitive discussions
Litigation module interface
customized follow-up


Tailored Tracking for Your Requirements

  • Personalize the monitoring of your proceedings to align with your specific preferences.
  • Classify your files by status, procedure type, and more, using a customizable labeling system
  • Craft reports with customizable summary sheets, exportable in various formats for flexibility
  • Automate low-added-value tasks to streamline processes and save valuable time
  • Analyze personalized reports to glean actionable insights for informed decision-making
  • Ensure compliance with the strictest European standards to maintain data integrity and security

Say Goodbye to Scattered Information and Hello to Centralized Data, Secure Collaboration, and Optimized Strategy

Legal experts face numerous challenges when managing litigations, from scattered information to complex collaboration and strategy issues. DiliTrust provides a comprehensive solution to these pain points through centralized data management. With DiliTrust, legal teams can centralize all information related to each litigation, ensuring secure collaboration and tracking of all actions on a single platform. Our customizable follow-up tools allow users to tailor procedures according to their criteria and analyze losses and gains to refine litigation strategies effectively.


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Your security is our priority

Each module of our suite employs robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, to protect sensitive legal information from unauthorized access or tampering, especially during high-stakes legal proceedings.

Training and 24/7 support

Receive dedicated support tailored to your legal team’s needs with our Litigation Management module. Our support team provides timely assistance and expert guidance, ensuring your team can effectively navigate litigation complexities.

Artificial Intelligence

With advanced analytics capabilities, your teams can extract valuable insights from case data. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions, develop effective strategies, and drive favorable outcomes in litigation proceedings.

Plug-and-play integrations

The DiliTrust Governance suite integrates with a variety of legal and productivity tools, such as beauty contest platforms, centralizing litigation data and streamlining collaboration. Discover more in the dedicated page.

Streamline Your Litigation Processes

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The Litigation Management is One of Five Integrated Modules

Discover all the modules of the DiliTrust Governance suite, the only suite in the LegalTech market that can digitize all activities with simple, flexible and reliable solutions.

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Minimize Risks Maximize Outcomes

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