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Our in-house AI combines proprietary technology with robust security measures, ensuring data control, independence, and confidentiality. Unlike solutions relying on third-party technology, our proprietary AI ensures that you retain control over your data. Also, by using the latest technologies, we empower you with a suite that maximizes efficiency, keeping your operations running with the latest advancements.

With extensive experience in contract management, board management, document management, and more, our AI is tailored to address the unique challenges of legal professionals and corporate entities. Its machine learning algorithms have been meticulously trained over years on legal documents, datasets, and data, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in analyzing and processing legal information.


Our AI and OCR technologies support many languages, breaking down language barriers and empowering companies to work on documents in different languages. This multi-language approach, together with automated processes, promotes independence and fast-decision making within teams, facilitating faster workflows and increased productivity.

This Is How Artificial Intelligence Helps the User

Our AI is seamlessly integrated into various modules of our suite, with plans for expansion into other modules in the near future. Below, we highlight just a few examples of the transformative capabilities AI brings to your experience with our platform.

AI identifies gaps and risks
Identifying deviation and risks

Analyzing legal documents can be a time-consuming task, particularly when assessing deviations from established standards across multiple versions. With DiliTrust’s Contract Lifecycle Management software, our Artificial Intelligence streamlines this process for legal teams. By leveraging AI capabilities, our platform identifies deviations and facilitates seamless comparisons with your standard Clause Library, enabling efficient tracking of approved clauses.

Acting as your trusted assistant, our AI simplifies the contract redlining process, allowing legal professionals to focus on strategic decision-making with confidence.

AI summarizes documents for board members
Summarizing documents for board members

Board members often need to read through documents ahead of important meetings – a very time-consuming activity for very busy people. Documents are efficiently summarized with DiliTrust’s Board Portal module. This automated feature leverages AI allows board members to grasp the essence of a document within seconds, eliminating the need for additional manual work.

Staying informed has never been easier. Thanks to Board Portal’s AI features, crucial insights are readily accessible to board members, even those with a busy schedule

AI highlights key information in documents
Highlighting key information in documents

DiliTrust’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finely tuned to extract key information from documents, like contracts. It ensures accurate capture and storage of essential details such as termination periods, signature dates, document types, and monetary values.

With its capability to recognize over 30 standard data types, our AI can be trained to identify specific business data unique to your company’s operations. Pinpointing contracts related to specific global regions is achieved in mere seconds, thanks to the swift analysis provided by our AI technology.

AI ensures internal proofreading and approvals
Ensuring internal proofreading and approvals

Effective internal approval and proofreading processes are essential for ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of sensitive documents before external sharing.

With our solution you can design and implement sophisticated approval workflows, while leveraging AI capabilities to dynamically assign the right workflow based on document content and business rules. Whether it’s CEO approval for contracts containing exclusivity clauses or orchestrating complex review processes, our AI ensures that internal proofreading and approvals are conducted efficiently and are aligned with organizational protocols.

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Making Contracts More Accessible

From a stack of pages to actionable data

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technologies guarantee that all documents stored on our platform are converted into full text format.

Whether they’re old scans or photographs, these documents are transformed into searchable text, making it effortless for you to navigate, search, and extract content.

This not only simplifies your workflow but also enables our proprietary Artificial Intelligence to extract valuable information, even from legacy contracts.

Machine Learning

For almost a decade, our team of Data Scientists has been dedicated to crafting and refining our Artificial Intelligence models, specifically tailored for legal and corporate documents.

By keeping AI development in-house, we ensure that your documents are never processed by third-party providers like Google or Microsoft.

This level of control not only guarantees data security but also allows us to seamlessly integrate new AI technologies and tools, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

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