Your Legal Assistant Across Languages: DiliChat 

Is your organization inundated with documents and data? Do you face challenges to quickly find essential information? 

You’re not alone with these challenges, and DiliTrust has the solution! DiliChat, a user-friendly chatbot, soon to become your ultimate digital assistant that can instantly summarize, search, translate, consult, or simply extract insights from your documents. 

We will launch this powerful AI-powered chatbot very soon, but we wanted to offer you a sneak peek into its capabilities and explain how it will revolutionize the way you interact with your documents. 

A tool like no other

DiliChat is much more than a simple chatbot. Its innovative capabilities include: 

  • Immediateness: DiliChat is able to answer instantly all questions regarding a document and its contents. Whether you need to clarify terms, find specific clauses, or understand compliance requirements, DiliChat delivers accurate responses along with direct references to the document sources. 
  • Multilinguism: far beyond the possibility to translate documents, DiliChat understands multiple languages and can answer a question in Spanish regarding a contract clause in a document written in German, for instance. 
  • Integration across modules: DiliChat is available within the entire DiliTrust Governance suite, ensuring a seamless experience, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. 

Our solutions to your pain points 

There are major challenges that arise when interacting with huge volumes of documents. We’ve identified the most relevant ones:

1. Language barriers  

Multinational teams often struggle with documents in multiple languages. How to identify relevant clauses across contracts in multiple languages? Also, validation processes can be slowed down by the need to check critical information in multiple languages. 

DiliChat supports queries and documents in any language and alphabet, breaking down communication barriers, ensuring global collaboration and speeding up contract validation and execution processes. 

2. Time-consuming document searches 

Manually searching through documents to find specific information can be slow and frustrating, even if there’s only one language involved.  

Dilichat quickly locates and provides answers to your documents, saving valuable time. 

3. Security concerns 

Using third-party tools for document queries poses security issues. If the information of sensible documents leaves your platform, it is exposed to the risk of data breaches. 

DiliChat is a tool that has been developed by DiliTrust, using proprietary technology. With our chatbot, your data stays safely within the DiliTrust ecosystem, ensuring a high level of data security. 

4. Legal knowledge 

Sharing documents with other departments and stakeholders means they don’t necessarily have the same level of legal expertise and may not understand certain terms or implications of the document. 

DiliChat has been trained using extensive legal data for years, which makes it a perfect, highly knowledgeable legal assistant. 

Use Cases 

While we prepare more detailed information on the concrete benefits of our chatbot, here are some interesting use cases: 

Use Case 1: Contract Management 

Imagine you need to quickly verify a specific clause in a contract. Simply ask DiliChat, and it will not only locate the clause and provide the exact text but will also offer explanations and provide the reference and source within the text. This rapid retrieval allows for swift decision-making and reduces the time spent on manual searches. 

Use Case 2: Compliance Checks 

For Compliance Officers, adherence to regulations is crucial. DiliChat can answer specific compliance-related questions by referencing the relevant sections of your policy documents, ensuring you have all the information you need to guarantee compliance. 

Use Case 3: Multilingual Document Queries 

A global team member needs to understand a document written in a different language. With DiliChat, they can ask questions in their native language, and DiliChat will provide the answer, referencing the document in its original language. This use case shows that DiliChat’s capacities go beyond simple translation and greatly facilitates document understanding and collaboration across borders. 

Are you ready to try DiliChat? 

DiliChat is more than just a chatbot, it is a unique tool revolutionizing your document interaction while ensuring data security and supporting collaboration on a global level.

Leveraging our AI technology, DiliChat provides instant, reliable answers including document references. 

Can’t wait to see DiliChat in action? If you’re already a DiliTrust customer, you might be eligible to become a beta-tester for our great new tool. Please contact your account manager for further information or write to 

If you’re not a customer yet, please don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about our exciting new feature!