Our modules are flexible and can adapt to the needs of all sectors.

Unlocking Industry-Specific Solutions

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At DiliTrust, flexibility is of paramount importance.

Our suite of solutions offers five modules designed to effortlessly transition across industries, empowering businesses in pharmaceutical, construction, finance, energy, and beyond.

Our modules can fit the needs and demands of users across industries.

Versatile modules that meet every industry challenge 

Board Portal – Your Strategic Cornerstone Across Industries

As the strategic cornerstone of any organization, boards face diverse challenges and ever-evolving needs.

Our Board Portal module seamlessly integrates into any industry setting, designed with versatility in mind to effortlessly adapt to the unique constraints faced by board organizers and members across sectors.  

No matter the size of the board, the volume of documents exchanged, or the complexity of operations, our solution is ready.

With our Board Portal, empower your organization to collaborate and make informed decisions, regardless of industry.

Contract Management – Enabling Success for All

To meet all industries needs and standards, our CLM module is fully customizable, directly in the platform, allowing you to design the data structure that meets your business needs.

That customization trickles down to all major parts of the platform. From clause libraries, to templates and approval workflows, you have the flexibility to adapt the tool to your needs.

And whether you’re managing NDAs, employment contracts, patents, leases, sales contracts, or SDEAs, you can set up the platform accordingly, for each document type.

Entities Management – Universal Governance

Efficiently oversee your organization’s entities and participations, no matter your industry.

With our fully customizable data structure, you can easily adapt the platform to not only track common information, like shareholders, incorporations, delegations of authority, but also very easily add additional information.

Whether you are working with subsidiaries, SPVs or participations, you can track and maintain all the information required for your corporate activities.

And in a regulated environment, you can track certifications, audit dates, and even ongoing specific agreements like SDEAs.

Litigation Management – Streamlining Dispute Resolution

Oversee ongoing litigation procedures, regardless of industry specifics, with our module.

From tracking multiple proceedings, to facilitating collaboration with stakeholders, our solution centralizes all relevant information for streamlined administrative follow-up across teams.

Simplify cost-tracking and accounting reconciliation, and make informed decisions during ongoing proceedings, with clear visibility into costs and potential gains, supported by comprehensive financial risk analysis.

Stay ahead of legal matters with our module, designed to accommodate the unique needs of organization in any sector.

Document Library – Versatile Document Management

Serving as a flexible solution for a range of organizational needs, our document library is adept at facilitating secure remote work environments, streamlining audit processes, and simplifying crisis management across industries.

Its versatility allows for tailored applications, whether providing a neutral ground for collaborative efforts during temporary operations, ensuring data security in remote work setups, or simplifying document management in crisis situations.

With features like customizable access rights and AI-powered document summaries, the library adapts to various scenarios, making it an indispensable tool.

Top-tier Security

DiliTrust is certified ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and SOC2. With robust security protocols and data protection features available throughout the platform, we protect your sensitive information and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Mobile & User-Friendly

The interface of our products is mobile-friendly and intuitive, offering convenient access across multiple devices. Whether online or offline, users can stay productive and engaged, anytime, anywhere.

Proprietary AI

Our Artificial Intelligence is not like any other: it’s proprietary. This means we don’t rely on third parties to develop our AI-capabilities. Leverage AI-driven insights to drive business outcomes, and stay ahead of the curve.

Support & Training

Our dedicated support team provides round-the-clock assistance and tailored training sessions in multiple languages. Rest assured, knowing that help is always available whenever you need it.

Integrated E-signature

Our solution offers an electronic signature option, allowing users to electronically sign documents directly from the platform. Streamline approval processes and accelerate decision-making with ease.


DiliTrust is a SaaS platform, offering flexibility and integration capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with other tools and systems. Scale as your organization grows, without compromising on performance.

Versatile Solutions for Every Sector

Discover how our modules cater to all industries and organizations, providing tailored solutions for seamless integration and enhanced efficiency.

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