2024 Data Protection Day: DiliTrust’s Commitment to Data Protection

Data Protection Day, observed annually on January 28th, is a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of protecting personal information, and to promoting digital privacy. Also known as Data Privacy Day in some regions, this day serves as a reminder for individuals, businesses, and organizations to assess their practices in handling data, ensuring that the privacy rights of individuals are respected and protected. As technology continues to advance, Data Protection Day underscores the need for responsible data management, robust security measures, and a collective commitment to fostering a secure and privacy-centric digital ecosystem. It’s a day to reflect on the evolving environment of data protection and to encourage a proactive approach in addressing the challenges and concerns regarding privacy. 

In this current digital era, where data is both a valuable asset and a potential liability, protecting information has become of greater importance. At DiliTrust, our commitment to protecting your sensitive information goes beyond checkboxes and regulations—it’s an integral part of our company’s DNA. As we gear up for January 28th, it’s crucial for us to highlight the practical steps we take in securing our operations, especially for those who matter to us most: our clients. As we reveal the details of our security practices, rest assured that our promise to protect your data is not just a mere statement—it’s a daily consideration, in our pursuit of excellence in data protection. 

According to recent figures from PwC, the top three risk mitigation priorities over the next 12 months highlight the evolving challenges faced by businesses. 51% of respondents show concerns regarding digital and technological risks, encompassing adverse consequences from new technologies and the potential barriers in embarking on digital transformation initiatives. Cyber risks, including hacking, ransomware, and surveillance, closely follow at 43%. Additionally, 41% express apprehension about macroeconomic volatility, reflecting worries over demand and supply shocks, debt crises, and asset bubble bursts.

This year, our dedication speaks through the collective assurance of our three internal ambassadors— our Head of Legal, our Head of Machine Learning, and our Chief Technology Officer. Together, they reinforce one of our values: “Security is our DNA

Our Approach to Data Security

At DiliTrust, we recognize that the foundation of our partnership with you (our clients) lies in the trust you place in us with your critical data. Understanding the importance of the information we handle, we prioritize not only protecting but also fostering a relationship built on transparency and security. Here’s an inside look at how we protect your sensitive information:  

ISO and SOC certifications 

Our commitment to data security is validated by industry-standard certifications such as ISO 27001:2017, ISO 27701:2019 and our SOC2 report, highlighting our dedication to maintaining robust information security and privacy management systems. While these certifications are at the center of our security infrastructure, we recognize the importance of going beyond certificates to provide practical security solutions. 

Data protection officer (DPO) 

We understand that compliance is not just about certificates; it’s about having complete process oversight. That’s where our Data Protection Officer (DPO) steps in. Beyond ensuring compliance with regulations, the DPO remains available to address any data privacy inquiries you may have.  

Marie-Claire Jacob, Head of Legal @DiliTrust

The principle of “Integrity and confidentiality” of data constitutes one of the cornerstones of the GDPR, notably underscoring the need to prevent unauthorized access, and maintaining the reliability and accuracy of data.  Maintaining robust data protection measures and complying with data integrity principles not only upholds legal compliance but also fosters trust with our customers.   
We are unwaveringly dedicated to adhering to data protection principles, and committed to complying with data protection regulations, notably through the implementation of robust data protection and security measures.  As the Data Protection Officer, my role is crucial in checking compliance with applicable data protection laws, and disseminating awareness throughout the organization.

Secure server locations 

The physical location of our servers is a critical aspect of our security strategy. With server locations strategically situated located in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa, we ensure that your data is stored in the same jurisdictions as you with stringent privacy regulations, offering an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. With this aspect, you are not subject to the Cloud Act, ensuring data sovereignty.

Nadim Baklouti, Chief Technology Officer @DiliTrust

For our clients, uploading their data to “the cloud” (to nobody knows where…) could mean catastrophic consequences. Which is why they trust us because they know that their data will be stored securely in their country under the same jurisdiction and without the risks from any foreign law like the US Cloud Act.

Exclusive control: only you can access your data 

Unlike some platforms, DiliTrust operates on a zero-access principle. Once you entrust us with your data, it’s exclusively yours. Our team does not have access to your critical information, whether it be board meeting notes, contracts, or any sensitive data imported into the suite. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance, and we take pride in providing a secure space where your data is truly yours. 

Regulatory compliance 

Demonstrating our adherence to GDPR principles not only ensures legal compliance, but also communicates our commitment to data protection and user privacy.  

Alignment with GDPR compliance serves as protection for customer data through several measures. It prioritizes data encryption for both transit and at-rest information, implements strict user authentication and authorization protocols, and ensures data minimization. Additionally, we have strict consent management policies for our communications, and a set response to potential breaches in accordance with GDPR principles. Moreover, the solution maintains audit trails, documentation, and continuous compliance monitoring, to ensure continued adherence to evolving regulations and audits. 

DiliTrust Governance: Features that Fit Your Needs 

At DiliTrust, we recognize and address a variety of needs, no matter your jurisdiction. That’s why the DiliTrust Governance suite as an all-in-one SaaS platform, based on five integrated modules, was developed to align with your security requirements, offering a variety of features to strengthen the protection of your data.   

TFA and SSO 

Logging on to the DiliTrust Governance suite is both easy and secure. With Two-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO), we are committed to providing an extra layer of protection allowing you to simplify access management and make your experience easy without compromising security. 


Protect your sensitive documents from unauthorized distribution with our watermark feature. Each document bears a personalized mark, ensuring traceability and protection against unintended sharing. 

Control access rights 

Take control of your data with granular user access controls. Define who can access specific data and folders, give specific access rights and ensure that sensitive information is only available to designated users. 

E-Signature and digital votes 

Simplify your document workflows with E-Signature and digital voting. Enjoy the convenience of secure and legally compliant electronic signatures, ensure that requirements are met with acknowledgment of receipts, and reduce paperwork as well as human error.   

Proprietary AI 

What truly sets us apart is our proprietary AI, meticulously designed to customize our suite and address your individual needs. Unlike solutions relying on third-party technology, our proprietary AI ensures that you retain control over your data, providing an extra layer of security and independence. By utilizing the latest technologies, we not only keep your operations running with the latest and greatest, but also empower you with a suite that maximizes efficiency. 

Romain Vial, Head of Machine Learning @DiliTrust

At DiliTrust, the protection of your data has always been at the center of our work in the Machine Learning team. For 7 years, we are building our own proprietary and sovereign Artificial Intelligence without compromising on quality. This is a strong requirement for us to stay aligned with our Confidentiality and Privacy values. Even when it comes to Generative AI, we are building our own in-house LLM to give you access to the top of the technology on a trustworthy environment.

Historical data across every module 

Find historical data easily, simplifying audits, while allowing you to track changes and maintain a comprehensive record of your organization’s activities. 

Encryption of data 

Rest easy knowing that your data is protected with advanced encryption techniques. Our encryption ensures that your information remains confidential, both when stored or exchanged, adding an extra layer of security to your critical data. 

Find Out More About Our Solution and How DiliTrust Can Protect Your Sensitive Data 

The DiliTrust Governance suite stands as a SaaS solution designed to simplify your organization’s governance. The suite includes five modules, namely Board Portal, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Entities Management, Litigation Management, and a Documentation Library. Each module is designed to empower organizations with efficient tools, aimed at developing collaboration, ensuring compliance with regulations, and facilitating informed decision-making processes. With the DiliTrust Governance suite, organizations gain access to a unified platform that not only streamlines, but also enhances every facet of their corporate governance.  

Explore the DiliTrust Governance suite Now! 

At DiliTrust, we pride ourselves on addressing the most prevalent security concerns, transforming pain points into solutions. From eradicating the risks associated with sharing crucial information via email, to mitigating vulnerabilities linked to storing documents on platforms like SharePoint or, even riskier, on paper, we’ve got you covered. Each module is fully compliant with the highest international security standards, including GDPR, and our entire IT infrastructure is managed, monitored, and continuously updated by a team of security experts. By preventing data leaks that could hurt your company’s reputation, we are proud to promote a culture of innovation, digitalization, and security within entire legal departments and Board rooms. We’re not only providers, but also partners, on your journey towards a more secure and efficient future. Discover the power of our secured suiteget in touch with us today.