Simplify Complexity in One Click With DiliTrust’s AI-Powered Document Summary

Financial reports, regulatory documents, contracts: legal counsels often need quick, accurate, and contextualized information on their legal documents. 

However, manual summarizing is not only time-consuming, but also holds the risk of missing out on essential information. Collaborating with numerous legal departments, we identified this issue and came up with an innovative feature: Document Summary.

Document Summary: instant and contextualized summaries for all your documents

Document Summary is a state-of-the-art feature integrated into all modules of the DiliTrust Governance Suite. It leverages our own advanced GenAI to produce concise and accurate summaries of any document, regardless of its complexity, length, language, or alphabet. The latter ensures that users from multinational organizations can benefit from accurate summaries of documents of any origin. This feature breaks down language barriers and supports global collaboration. 

With a simple click of the “Summarize” button, you can transform bulky and complex documents into easy-to-digest summaries, enhancing productivity and fostering well-informed decision-making. 

The solution to your pain points 

1. Time-consuming document reading 

The sole process of reading long, complex documents takes a huge amount of time, and that’s only the first step. The reader must then identify the key elements and highlight them in a precise, yet concise summary. 

DiliTrust’s Document Summary solves this issue. It produces relevant summaries in seconds, saving valuable time and easing your team’s workload. 

2. Information overload 

Summarizing a simple contract may be easy, but what about a more complex document involving several departments, stakeholders or regulation authorities? Identifying the essential information becomes difficult if not impossible and may require expert proofing to be sure of the accuracy of the summary.

Document Summary helps tackle this issue. Our AI is trained on specific data sets and includes our legal expertise and experience, so that even complex documents are summarized correctly, helping to speed up decision-making. 

3. Security Risks 

Of course, there are numerous AI-based tools offering to summarize any kind of document. But copy-pasting confidential data into an external solution represents a major risk to data integrity and the protection of sensitive information. 

DiliTrust addresses this issue: not only has our AI been developed in-house, but its direct integration into the modules of the DiliTrust Governance Suite ensures that your data stays safely within your ecosystem, thus efficiently minimizing the risk of data breaches. 

Concrete examples of Document Summary’s benefits 

Use Case 1: Financial reports 

Ahead of annual results, for instance, numerous financial documents need to be consulted and analyzed. With Document Summary, financial analysts can upload multiple reports and instantly generate summaries that highlight key financial metrics and insights of each. This significantly speeds up the analysis and enables more informed financial planning. 

Use Case 2: Regulatory compliance 

Compliance officers dealing with extensive regulatory documents can use the Document Summary feature to swiftly extract essential compliance requirements, ensuring that all critical points are addressed, without having to read through entire documents. Bonus: this also works for multinational companies that are submitted to different local and international regulations and laws, as Document Summary supports multiple languages. 

Use Case 3: Litigation management 

In a case of litigation, legal counsels and internal stakeholders receive tons of documents from the opposed party, such as the initiation of a proceeding, claims, expert reports, etc. To be able to analyze these documents in order to provide the best strategic answer, the legal department would need to read through each one of them, taking up a considerable amount of time. Document Summary helps speed up the process while ensuring the confidentiality of this highly sensitive material. 

Speed and simplicity 

Document Summary is integrated into the five modules of the DiliTrust Governance Suite. Extremely simple to use, the feature offers a significant gain of time and accuracy of information while preserving data security, and helps making more informed decisions in less time. 

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