Minute Generation in Seconds with DiliTrust’s Generative AI 

Meetings: it’s where strategies are developed, and major decisions are discussed.  This makes accurate and comprehensive meeting minutes crucial. However, taking notes and producing these minutes is very time-consuming. That’s why DiliTrust has integrated a new feature into the DiliTrust Governance suite: Minute Generation. 

This innovative tool, powered by our Generative AI, enables Board Portal administrators to instantaneously generate meeting minutes based on the agenda and related documents. Highly secure and supporting multiple languages, Minute Generation is set to revolutionize how you capture and document your meetings. 

Minute Generation: Accurate and Secure Meeting Minutes 

Minute Generation is a cutting-edge feature that leverages Generative AI to produce detailed minutes of your meetings. By uploading various types of documents, such as audio transcriptions, press releases, and key figures, our AI combines all the relevant information into coherent and comprehensive minutes. This tool is seamlessly integrated across all modules of the DiliTrust Governance suite, ensuring a consistent and efficient experience. 

Minute Generation leverages DiliTrust’s homegrown Generative AI, ensuring the highest levels of security and confidentiality. Administrators can upload various documents into the system, AI then analyzes the content and produces a detailed report, capturing all essential points and discussions accurately. The information is analyzed by DiliTrust’s AI without using external tools or APIs, ensuring data integrity and security. 

Multi-language Support for Global Boards 

Our AI is capable of reading and understanding documents in any language, facilitating seamless minute generation for multinational boards. Whether your documents are in English, French, Japanese, or any other language, Minute Generation can handle them with ease, ensuring comprehensive and understandable minutes for all participants. 

Pain Points and how Minute Generation addresses them 

Time-consuming manual minute-taking

Creating detailed and accurate meeting minutes manually is very labor-intensive and time-consuming as different types of documentation need to be handled.  

Using AI not only saves time and significantly reduces the minute-taker’s workload. It also eliminated the risk of errors. 

Inconsistent documentation

Different minute-takers may have varying styles or methods when producing the minutes, which can lead to inconsistencies in meeting documentation.

AI-powered Minute Generation ensures uniformity and precision across your entire meeting documentation. 

Language barriers

Multinational boards are often multilingual, which means they are facing challenges with documents and discussions in multiple languages. 

Our AI understands and processes information in any language, making it the ideal tool for global organizations. 

Some concrete examples 

Use Case 1: Multilingual Meetings 

In multinational organizations, meetings often involve participants speaking different languages. Minute Generation can process documents in multiple languages and produce unified minutes, ensuring that language barriers do not impede understanding, collaboration and documentation of the outcomes. 

Use Case 2: Board Meetings 

Board meetings are the place where strategic discussions are held, and critical decisions are taken. Minute Generation captures and processes all of it, including the related documentation, and produces detailed and accurate meeting minutes. Board members can focus on strategic discussions without worrying about documentation, and administrators can focus on essential organizational tasks instead of taking notes. 

Use Case 3: Executive Committees 

For executive committees that meet frequently, Minute Generation offers a quick and reliable way to document each meeting. By providing consistent and precise minutes, AI ensures that all action items and key points are recorded, facilitating better follow-up and accountability. 

Minute Generation: a Game-changer for Board Members and Secretaries of the Board

Minute Generation by DiliTrust is a game-changing feature designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of meeting documentation. By leveraging secure Generative AI, our tool supports documents in any language and provides instant, consistent, and secure minutes, increasing the efficiency of meetings for all participants. 

Ready to create your meeting minutes in seconds? Ask for a personalized demo to learn more about our exciting new feature!