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The Leader in
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  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions
  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions
  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions
  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions
  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions
  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions
  • The Leader in <br> Governance Solutions

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Governance? Board of Directors ? Data Rooms ? File Sharing ?

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  • Legal Department
  • Financial Department
  • Interanl Control
  • Treasury Department
  • Board of Directors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
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  • Manage my subsidiaries and shareholdings
  • Manage my contracts
  • Dematerialize my boards and instances
  • Share and/or transfer confidential data
  • Manage my legal areas
  • Manage my delegations of power
  • Dematerialize my meetings
  • Send electronic Registered mail
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The reference publisher

DiliTrust has been a publisher and software integrator for more than 20 years and offers a full range of solutions and services dedicated to Corporate Governance and the sharing of confidential documents. More than 640 customers in 43 countries are using our solutions to improve their performance.

DiliTrust for your area of expertise

Whatever your business is, DiliTrust offers you intuitive tools, developed according to your needs.

  • Treasury


    Ensuring transparency and compliance in the management of bank accounts is a priority in the context of the crisis that has shaken the corporate world in recent years. The standards are regularly updated and new ones are introduced. This adds to the treasurer's tasks, which must ensure that the legal obligations remain constant. To meet these needs, DiliTrust offers the DiliTrust eBAM solution

  • Legal


    The management of subsidiaries and shareholdings and the management of delegations of authority are tedious and time-consuming, as the structure of large groups tends to become more complex. It is necessary to have an overall view of this structure and have the capacities to carry out a real-time reporting, while improving the communication between the stakeholders. To meet these needs, DiliTrust offers DiliTrust Governance.

  • Boards of directors

    Boards of directors

    The secretary of the board manages the whole process of preparing the meeting to the body itself, which is today a real logistical test in the current context of increasing documentary burdens and internationalization of companies. To ease and enhance the work of the secretary of the board while guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data, DiliTrust dematerializes the management of the boards with its DiliTrust Exec portal.

DiliTrust & you,
a trust story.

Since the beginning, DiliTrust has implemented a development model based on the relationship of trust that it maintains with its customers.
Each solution is continually enriched in functionalities according to the needs expressed by customers.

This close partnership promotes continuous innovation and creativity that benefits everyone: the functions developed for a company are integrated with the standard version of the software when other customers need it.

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