2020 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

What Blockchain Smart Contracts Mean for Legal Operations

The Digitalization of Corporate
Meetings in Canada

Secure Governance Solutions

  • Secure Governance Solutions
  • Secure Governance Solutions
  • Secure Governance Solutions
  • Secure Governance Solutions
  • Secure Governance Solutions
  • Secure Governance Solutions
  • Secure Governance Solutions

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Corporate Governance ? Secure Data Sharing ? Corporate Legal Solutions ?

My business
  • Legal Department
  • Financial Department
  • Internal Control
  • Treasury Department
  • Board of Directors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • CIO and CISO
  • Human Resources
  • Other
I want to
  • Manage my subsidiaries and shareholdings
  • Manage my contracts
  • Organise Board Meetings
  • Share and/or transfer confidential data
  • Manage corporate legal affairs
  • Delegate efficiently
  • Streamline my meetings
  • Send electronic registered mail
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A Reference Publisher

DiliTrust has been a publisher and software integrator for more than 20 years and offers a full range of solutions and services dedicated to Corporate Governance and the sharing of confidential documents. More than 1300 customers in 48 countries are using our solutions to improve their performance.

DiliTrust Caters to Your Expert Needs

Whatever your field, DiliTrust offers you the tools you need, customised according to your business.

  • Banking


    Ensuring transparency and compliance in the management of bank accounts is a priority in the context of the financial crisis that has shaken the corporate world in recent years. Financial controls must reflect theseheightened obligations for financial departments.
    DiliTrust developed the DiliTrust eBAM solution to centralise the management of financial information and to ensure complete control of all banking relationships in a secure and highly functional way.

  • Legal


    For corporate legal departments DiliTrust has developed DiliTrust Governance to allow large groups a secure means of organising, structuring and managing complex legal activities via our secure online portal. Legal departments increase their efficacy, teamwork and save countless hours retrieving documents and feedback by utilising one secure portal.

  • Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    DiliTrust Exec is a highly fucntional board portal that streamlines the management of board meetings and the dissemination of highly confidential files in one secure digital board portal. Executives benefit from enhanced and speedy decision making thanks to the streamlined portal.

DiliTrust & You,
a Trust Story.

Since the beginning, DiliTrust has built a reputation based on trust. Our clients and their specific needs are our complete focus.

Each solution we design is devised, developed and updated according to the needs of our customers.

This close partnership encourages continuous innovation and creativity that benefits everyone: we strive to integrate new developments and updates for all our customers.

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  • Software Expertise

    Software Expertise

    As a specialist software publisher, we aim to harness technology and your business needs to create functional solutions that enable you to succeed

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  • Solution A-Z

    Solution A-Z

    Our solutions include tailor made packages for your business to equip you and your team with training and 24/7 support

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  • Data Security

    Data Security

    DiliTrust Exec is ISO 27001 certified along with a whole host of systematic security systems to best protect your data

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  • Budget Control

    Budget Control

    All our products are available via a controlled subscription plan

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2020 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

Learn why DiliTrust has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions for managing corporate legal activities.

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