How the Digital Operational Resilience Act Shapes Security Standards for Legal Departments?

What’s inside ?

In this white paper, we provide a clear roadmap, breaking down crucial aspects for financial entities. From compliance deadlines to key provisions, gain insights to meet the stringent requirements of DORA.

Crucial information on the new law

RDiscover more about the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), gaining a comprehensive understanding of its key provisions, timeline and profound impact on financial entities operating in Europe.

Meeting compliance challenges

Discover practical strategies for meeting the challenges posed by DORA, focusing on its scope, ICT functions and extended obligations to third-party service providers. Gain insights into how organizations can align with regulatory standards and strengthen their operational resilience.

✅ Exploring the role of technology in DORA compliance

Understand how the latest solutions can enable financial entities not only to meet regulatory requirements, but also to streamline operations, enhance security and embrace the digital evolution of the financial services sector.

Download our white paper and get ready for January 2025!

Discover concrete strategies for meeting compliance challenges. From understanding scope and applicability to essential ICT functions, this guide provides you with practical knowledge to stay ahead in the world of digital operational resilience.