DiliTrust Governance - Get a 360° visibility of your legal activities
DiliTrust  Governance

A common framework for the monitoring of shareholders, subsidiaries and participations.

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Simple, intuitive and easy to access, DiliTrust Governance focuses on the legal services of large and mid-sized companies. It manages all legal areas collectively, archives legal data and documents, monitors activities and shares legal documents and collaborates online.


Why should you chose this solution?

DiliTrust Governance allows you to automate business processes, get trustworthy reports and gives you analyzes with simple, instant and graphical previews (dashboards). It also has a precise management of the security: data access is limited to the perimeters of each user profile.


DiliTrust Governance has a rich business and functional coverage, but it is based on the essentials with the aim to simplify your legal management. Dashboards, reports and statistics are available in DiliTrust Governance so that you can track your key indicators, analyze and control your legal activities.


So as to increase the productivity of your legal department, DiliTrust Governance gives you the ability to store, share and consult your legal data. Your data is accessible in real time to all your employees according to your confidentiality rules. You can work simultaneously, as a team, on the platform and thus optimize the time of everyone. This online collaboration is optimized thanks to a workflow validation system that is built into the tool.


DiliTrust Governance is a full-web solution that offers you a simple and ergonomic interface, which makes it easier to adopt the platform and improve the productivity of your legal teams. You benefit from an intuitive application that combines a high level of service with a great ease of use.


DiliTrust Governance is accessible from any web browser, as to allow you to access your information anywhere any time. Security is optimized not only by storing your data on secure professional servers, but also by the ability to set user access rights according to your privacy requirements. Your data remains your property!


DiliTrust Governance historicizes and records all your legal data. It also follows the integrity of the actions (creations, modifications etc.) performed by each lawyer for better file tracing, progressing and so forth. DiliTrust Governance provides you with an audit trail.


DiliTrust Governance is a key and complete application based on subscription, which allows you to control your budget and thus not to be surprised. You can change this subscription according to the evolution of your organization: you can easily add companies or users, for example, without the interruption of service.

Choose the DiliTrust Governance solution
Why choose this solution?

Overview of Legal Areas

DiliTrust Governance offers you 360 degrees visibility of your legal activity.

  • Corporate law

    Corporate law

    DiliTrust Governance covers the legal management of the companies in your group. This solution helps you carry out your management missions, follow-up your subsidiaries and participate by centralizing all the data relating to the legal life of your entities, plus ensuring their traceability. Thus, it allows you to have an overall view of all your entities in order to achieve good legal governance.

  • Representatives, Authorities and Delegations

    Representatives, Authorities and Delegations

    DiliTrust Governance centralizes the data of all your authorized representatives. It also covers the management of your delegations of legal and banking authorities as well as delegations of signatures, which in turn enables you to better control the legal risks. The tool helps you structure and follow them to avoid nullity, and ensure the consistency within the chains of responsibility.

  • Contracts


    DiliTrust Governance consolidates all your contract data, helps you structure it and automates the management process for simplified tracking. The tool offers a global view of domestic and international contracts throughout the life cycle. Notifications, alerts and reports allow you to anticipate the deadlines and optimize the financial and operational returns.

  • Litigation


    DiliTrust Governance allows you to centralize all your pre-litigation and litigation files and automates the management processes. The tool helps you structure and analyze each litigation file as it monitors the progress, so as to improve operational efficiency.

  • Real estate

    Real estate

    DiliTrust Governance identifies and tracks all your leases. The tool offers you the possibility to list and valorize the real estate assets of your group and to better control the costs of managing your park.

  • Intellectual property

    Intellectual property

    DiliTrust Governance helps you identify, protect, value and track all your intellectual property titles (patents, trademarks, models or copyrights). It also covers all your inventions, the highest level of strategic and economic assets, this of essential value for your business to remain competitive.

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  • Legal


    The legal departments play an indispensable and even crucial role in ensuring transparency and compliance of the company through the responsibilities entrusted to them.

    Among them, the management of subsidiaries and shareholdings, the management of delegations of authority and the organization of boards of directors are increasingly tedious and time-consuming, as the structure of major groups tends to become more complex. It is necessary to have an overall view of this structure and have the capacities to carry out a real-time reporting, while improving the communication between the stakeholders.

  • Internal Control

    Internal Control

    The recent financial scandals have placed the control of risks and the reliability of financial information at the heart of internal control, now governed by the principle of transparency to restore a climate of confidence favorable to investment.

    It is therefore advisable to have an overview of the structure of the company in order to facilitate and optimize the internal control operations and thus to approach as much as possible the "zero risk". In the context of today's globalization, this implies being constantly informed of the activities of the holding company, but also of the subsidiaries, and of being able to follow the movements of capital and human resources, all in real time.

DiliTrust  Governance

In SaaS mode, DiliTrust Governance is available from 249 euros per month per user. This price is decreasing according to the number of users requested and the duration of commitment.

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