Audio Transcription, the AI-Powered Solution for More Efficient Meeting Minutes 

DiliTrust continues to add innovative AI features to its Governance suite. Today, we proudly present Audio Transcription, integrated into our Board Portal module, transforming your meetings into an even more powerful decision-making tool. 

With Board Portal, generating comprehensive meeting minutes becomes easy. You can centralize all the relevant documents including audio files in your minutes. Audio transcription goes a step further and offers quick transcription of audio files, further completing the meeting minutes and increasing their efficiency.

A unique feature 

Meetings are the place where major decisions and strategies are discussed. Organizations need efficient minute-taking to ensure the correct implementation of their decisions. Accurate and comprehensive minutes are key to business success. 

Audios are very useful because they deliver first-hand information on what has been discussed. However, it takes time to listen to hours of recordings when looking for precise information. And that’s where Audio Transcription comes in. Within minutes, audio files are transcribed using our private and secure AI tool and are then added to the meeting minutes, allowing meeting administrators to search these transcriptions for specific information, and making it a tool for increased efficiency and facilitated decision-making. 

How Audio Transcription helps enhance your meeting minutes 

Time-consuming manual transcripts 

Transcribing audio recordings of important meetings is very useful, but also extremely time-consuming. Either the transcription is done in-house, taking up precious resources that could be used for higher value-added tasks, or it’s externalized, making it a cost-intensive endeavor. 

Audio Transcription allows to create transcriptions within minutes. Its direct integration into Board Portal makes it very easy to use. Moreover, leveraging Audio Transcription significantly reduces costs, with the high level of accuracy our AI solution offers. 

Information overload 

Audio files are a useful addition to meeting minutes, but looking for a precise piece of information in an hour-long recording can be long and tedious. 

Audio Transcription transforms voice into text that can be searched, not only by keyword, but also by the person talking, making the huge volume of information contained in the audio much more accessible and allowing to find the insights you’re looking for in no time. 

Security risks 

It’s always possible to use external tools to transcribe audio files. But sharing your sensible meeting data with an outside provider induces risks in terms of data integrity and security. 

When using DiliTrust’s Audio Transcription, you mitigate these risks. DiliTrust has developed its own, secure AI. And because Audio Transcription is directly integrated into Board Portal, your data stays safely within the DiliTrust Governance suite.  

Concrete examples 

Use case 1: Looking for the mention of a specific subject 

During a board meeting, one of the members of the board talked about interesting financial best practices used by a competitor. You want to extend your research on this, but don’t remember the details, or in which part of the meeting this example was mentioned. With Audio Transcript, no need to listen to the entire recordings. You can browse the text, search for the speaker’s or the competitor’s name they mentioned and easily find the information you are looking for. 

Use case 2: Who said what? 

You have participated in a strategy meeting with numerous other stakeholders. Discussions were very insightful and interesting but got heated at one point. Listening to the audio file may give you an idea about the matters discussed. But you ‘ll have a hard time identifying the different speakers – unless you can access the transcript and read the contributions of each participant. 

A secure tool for efficient decision making 

Audio Transcription is the perfect addition to our Board Portal module and helps organizations to improve efficiency of their meetings and make meeting minutes a powerful decision-making tool. This feature is one of DiliTrust’s innovative, secure AI capabilities that help boards and legal departments increase efficiency and productivity.  

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