Going through the Final Steps: Episode 12 of DiliTrust’s “Managing the Minutes Lifecycle” Series 

In this final episode, we’re looking at the last bits of the board meeting journey—reviewing signature lines, the approval process, and wrapping up the meeting minutes. 

Completing the Circle 

As we wrap up, this episode circles back to complete the board meeting lifecycle. We’ll explore the DiliTrust board portal to take a close look at signature lines within the minutes, highlighting the crucial approval steps by the Chair and Secretary. 

Opening the Approval Path 

We’ll uncover the secrets behind setting up approvals for meeting minutes. You’ll learn why it’s important to have both the Chair’s and Secretary’s signatures on the final minutes. We’ll walk through how these key participants review and approve minutes before the board’s official sign-off. 

Deciphering Roles in Approval 

Let’s clear the air on who’s who in the approval process. We’ll shed light on designating the Chair or Meeting Chair and the Recording Secretary within the minutes. It’s all about accurately reflecting the roles of those who chaired and documented the meeting for a seamless approval process. 

Traversing Approval Timelines 

Ever wondered how minutes from one meeting get approved at another? We’ll take a peek at the DiliTrust portal’s agenda setup, revealing how minutes from a past meeting are scheduled for approval at a later date. Understanding this timeline ensures smooth handling and proper sign-off of meeting minutes. 

Sealing the Minutes’ Fate 

Once approved, the episode guides us through the final steps in the minutes’ lifecycle. It’s the moment where the Chair or Meeting Chair signs off on the approved minutes, marking the full completion of the minutes and meetings cycle. 


Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey through the art of minute writing and the intricate lifecycle of board meetings. Here’s to more successful meetings and seamless minute writing in your future endeavors! 

Based on the book AAA+ Minutes™ by Sylvia Groves from Governance Studio 

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