Mastering Meeting Minutes – Episode 11 “The Termination”  

In this episode of DiliTrust’s engaging series on board meetings, we’re discovering the process of ending a meeting. Let’s take a closer look at what “termination” really means.

Understanding Meeting Endings 

In this session, we’ll navigate through the DiliTrust board portal, exploring how meetings are ended and how it’s documented in the meeting minutes.

Termination or Adjournment: Clearing the Confusion 

Have you ever wondered about the difference between “terminating” and “adjourning” a meeting? Turns out, “adjournment” doesn’t mean the meeting’s done—it’s more like hitting pause, planning to continue later. It’s crucial to use the right terminology to ensure everyone knows when a meeting is truly over. 

Words Matter: The Perception of Meeting Closure 

We’ll also explore how the choice of words—like “terminate” or “adjourn”—can affect how meetings are perceived. Sometimes, the softer sounding “adjourn” is preferred, but it might not effectively signal the meeting’s conclusion. 

Handling Multi-Day Meetings 

Ever been in a meeting that spans multiple days? We’ll discuss how it’s okay to adjourn a meeting on one day and pick up the next. It’s essential to document this process properly in the meeting minutes for clarity. 

Sealing the Meeting’s Fate 

We’ll showcase a simple, yet crucial paragraph used to terminate a meeting. This helps capture everyone’s intent—no further business is planned. It’s about ensuring clarity in bringing a meeting to a close. 

What’s Next: A Sneak Peek 

As we near the end of this series, get ready for the final session! The next segment promises to encapsulate the entire journey by bringing the minutes full circle for approval and sign-off. 

Closing Thoughts 

Episode 11 of “Managing the Minutes Lifecycle” demystifies the process of ending meetings, stressing the importance of clear communication in concluding meetings. It’s all about making sure everyone’s on the same page and documenting it properly in the meeting minutes. 

Based on the book AAA+ Minutes™ by Sylvia Groves from Governance Studio 

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