Mastering Meeting Minutes: Episode 10 – “In Camera Session”


Welcome to a unique glimpse behind the scenes of board meetings in Episode 10 of DiliTrust’s “Managing the Minutes Lifecycle” series. This episode spotlights a significant yet often overlooked aspect: In Camera Sessions.

Have a Look into Exclusive Discussions 

Episode 10 offers an insider’s view into the secluded world of In Camera Sessions within board meetings. It unfolds the importance of these private discussions among Board members, shedding light on their crucial role in governance practices.

Understanding Confidentiality in Governance 

This episode decodes the notion of In Camera Sessions, emphasizing their significance as a governance best practice. These sessions, held just before meeting conclusions, are meticulously documented to preserve the confidentiality of discussions and decisions made within them.

Navigating the Privacy Protocol 

Witness the handling of these private sessions in different board setups. Some boards prefer having a Secretary stay for minute-taking, while others opt for exclusivity, limiting attendance to Board members. The episode emphasizes the need to capture the core discussions held behind closed doors.

Diverse Aspects of Private Dialogues 

Discover the variety within In Camera Sessions. Some sessions might involve specific stakeholders like the CEO or an external auditor, excluding other management members. Uncover the various terms used to define these exclusive discussions and the importance of comprehensive documentation for transparency. 

The Journey Continues 

As Episode 10 progresses towards the conclusion, expect forthcoming insights into the meeting’s termination in the next segment.

Key Takeaways

Episode 10 of “Managing the Minutes Lifecycle” unveils the critical role of In Camera Sessions in board meetings. It emphasizes confidentiality, meticulous documentation, and the diverse nature of these private discussions.

By engaging with this episode, viewers gain insights into managing In Camera Sessions effectively, ensuring detailed documentation, and promoting transparency in governance practices.

This resource is based on the book AAA+ minutes by Sylvia Groves from Governance Studio.

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