Why Adopting a Paperless Board Portal will be your Best Move

Living in a constantly changing world, many organizations around the world face challenges utilizing the right new technology for corporate governance.

Board portal enhance your corporate governance practices

In terms of new technologies, a number of digital tools have emerged in recent years, attempting to facilitate the due diligence of board directors. However, most of these tools have difficulties combining data security, performance, efficiency and corporate responsibility. As a result, many digital solutions are not yet capable of helping organizations reach their objectives except for one tool: the paperless board portal.

Instant and Secure Access to Your Information and Board Meetings with a Simple Click

You might ask, why adopt a paperless board portal? To illustrate, here are some of the many reasons to adopt DiliTrust Exec as your digital board portal:


With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, data security has never been as essential for organizations. A paperless board portal provides above all the assurance that your sensitive data will be secure, hosted on servers certified by international standards and tested daily to pass all external vulnerability audit recommendations. Additionally, all the DiliTrust Exec’s service is certified ISO 27001.


To help board members make informed decisions, there is nothing better than having direct and secure access to your data as well as the ability to communicate with your fellow members anytime and anywhere. The DiliTrust Exec’s board portal provides both this mobility and this information-sharing for a more efficient decision making process.


A whole range of features is at your fingertips the power of the DiliTrust Exec board portal:

  • Securely exchange and share information and personal notes
  • Debate and notify fellow members of the ongoing processes
  • Switch between different boards of directors or committees

This intuitive and easy-to-use solution is just a click away, even while offline.


One of the key benefits of a paperless board portal is a more productive and cost effective meeting management system. You can eliminate the need for paper by replacing suitcases full of documents and personal notes with a compact tablet. Additionally you can get rid of costly messengers, all of which will translate into substantial savings in management costs.

Imagine your board of directors without paper, able to attend meetings without the need for travel. DiliTrust Exec enables your organization to accomplish common objectives in a sustainable manner, showing a higher level of environmental responsibility.


If you have any lingering doubts about DiliTrust Exec, there is no need for concern. Once you have adopted our portal, you will benefit from our outstanding customer service. Our team will guide your board during the transition to the paperless board portal by providing the appropriate training and support. You will continue to receive this unlimited support throughout the use of the portal.

Directors Perform More Efficiently Thanks to A Better Meeting Record Tracking

Suitcases filled with documents, priceless minutes wasted searching through personal notes, never before heard information – many of these issues facing directors can be solved through the adoption of a paperless board portal. The DiliTrust Exec service lets you follow meetings and discussions with your iPad (or other devices), all the while providing a consistent access to the platform, even when offline.

Our platform allows you to retain all the notes taken during previous board meetings and keep all your records. Moreover, you can share your personal notes with fellow board members, thus enhancing collaboration and communication during meetings.