Digitize your board of directors to secure and streamline your board management processes.


The DiliTrust Governance Suite

Available in SaaS mode, the DiliTrust Governance Suite is the new generation of DiliTrust’s offering. It is an integrated and secure suite for automating the processes of your legal department. It offers a variety of modules.

Secure Board Portal

Reinvent your Board of Directors meetings with the Board Portal module. Collaborate seamlessly in an ultra-secure environment, whether you are working from the office, at home, or somewhere in-between. Amend and annotate documents on the go for greater productivity and faster decision-making.

Entities Management

Successfully carry out the monitoring of subsidiaries, shareholders, and capital management with this intuitive module. Save time and energy by quickly accessing all of your legal documentation in one secure platform.


Seamlessly monitor and manage the contract lifecycle with our Contracts module. Never miss an important deadline again with our time-stamped notifications and alerts on key events.

Litigation Management

Securely centralize, organize, analyze, and share your caseloads easily and efficiently in the Litigation module. Automate arduous and time-consuming tasks to improve value performance and ensure fluid case management. Clear financial data management helps reduce risks while managing litigation expenditure.

Documentation Library

Efficiently search, share, and collaborate on all your sensitive documents in the Documentation Library. Ensure the highest level of confidentiality by granting different user rights according to your administrative preferences.

Our Clients

Because we are proud of our customers, we make every effort to make them proud of us.

Thanks to the adoption of the board portal module of the DiliTrust Governance suite, information flows to and from Board members are now managed securely and fully traced within the platform. This means no more exchange of sensitive data via email, with clear benefits in terms of security and protection of a listed group's strategic information.


Filippo DE' DONATO

Board Secretary e Head of Corporate & General Affairs

In a global context of the digitization of our production and management processes, and modernization of our governance tools, we would like to provide our board members with an intuitive and resourceful application while ensuring the confidentiality of their data


Richard Lowe

Executive Chairman du Groupe Activa.


Grit Real Estate Income Group

Anouchka Chummun

Group Compliance Manager

It enables our Board to be more strategic

Prevtec Microbia Inc.

Michel Fortin

CEO of Prevtec Microbia Inc.

We all realize that we have a high-performance tool that allows us to do our work better within the Leal Group's Board of Directors meetings


Neemalen Gopal

IT Cluster Director


DiliTrust Exec at Your Service

Our board management software streamlines your corporate governance practices and your board management process

  • Administration


    DiliTrust Exec’s board management software optimizes the organisation of meetings. With only a few clicks, corporate secretaries can create the agenda of a board meeting, add board documents and notify directors to consult them.

  • Governance


    DiliTrust Exec’s board portal improves efficiency by replacing all paper with a secure digital tool that is available at all times. Users no longer receive piles of documents, but rather a notification with the information on their favourite device (PC, tablets or S. Pro), which allows them to save time and focus on collaboration and the performance of other tasks.

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Gold Medal Board Management 2021