Télé-Québec adopts the DiliTrust Exec’s board portal

Montreal, Canada, December 07, 2017. DiliTrust reinforces its position as leader in Quebec and steps up its growth in North America with the adoption by Télé-Québec of its Board portal DiliTrust Exec. The company plans on using the service to transition its board of directors to the digital world.

Télé-Québec’s objective is to operate an educational and cultural broadcasting company so as to ensure its products are accessible to the public across all broadcast media. Its activities are primarily focused on stimulating a thirst for knowledge, promoting artistic and cultural life, and reflecting regional realities and the diversity of Quebec society.

As part of its transition to digital, Télé-Québec has selected the digital governance solution DiliTrust Exec, which is designed to facilitate and improve governance solutions. Intuitive and highly secure, the platform provides an innovative response to the current challenges faced by directors and corporate secretaries. The main factors influencing the selection of DiliTrust Exec were the ease of integration of its platform, its user-friendliness, its security complete with international certifications (ISO 27001), and especially the proximity of a personalized service offered by a team committed to training users and managers.

“By implementing DiliTrust Exec, we want to streamline our governance practices and improve the overall process of our board meetings – from preparing to conducting them – while offering our directors increased mobility and flexibility. Managing a paperless board of directors is a concrete step in our 2016-2020 Sustainable Development Plan. It also encourages eco-friendly practices in public administration,” said Nathalie Blais, Director of Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary at Télé-Québec.

Thanks to reliable technology security standards guaranteed by DiliTrust Exec, particularly its ISO 27001 certification, all content on the portal is secure and encrypted. The transmission of documents and information is also secure. This technology guarantees a high level of protection of customer information. It works by identifying, analyzing and covering the risks in the information system and is based on the principle of continual improvement. It enables the creation of an environment based on mutual trust between service provider and client.

“By adopting our solution, Télé-Québec is confirming our position as the Canadian leader in secure digital governance solutions and underlining our expertise in the development of state-of-the-art technology for boards and directors,” said Gabriel Maréchal, Vice-President of Sales at DiliTrust Canada.