Secure File Sharing: Open Up Your Business to DiliTrust MFT

August 2018 may have been for many the end of a peaceful summer break but for cyber hackers, their calculated efforts saw 215,000,000 records leaked worldwide. For companies back to business, now is the time to consider seriously, secure data sharing.

Secure File Sharing: Open Up Your Business to DiliTrust MFT

What is MFT and what can do it for you?

 Managed File Transfer or MFT allows for the ultimate control in secure document sharing. Users can oversee each key step of the process thus ensuring that high volume documents ranging in classification are rapidly received and recorded digitally via an online signature.


MFT is supple file sharing at its best. Meant for fast, reliable and efficient data sharing, it cuts through congested traditional networks like email or FTP transfer to allow for a direct transfer of files of any size. Each aspect of file sending, and reception can be controlled and monitored each step of the way. Bulk data is especially suited to be shared via MFT.

What makes MFT a better solution than a FTP or File Transfer Protocol solution? FTP can be used to transfer large files between 2 GB and 50 GB. But FTP cannot offer users the same security as MFT. Its usernames, passwords and files sent over FTP connections in plain text mean that it is easier to infiltrate and hack. It is also much slower than MFT, with an average 20 GB file taking as much as 8 hours to reach its recipient. Businesses who prioritise  the communication of large files cannot do so with FTP.

MFT: Stress Free Secure Sharing

DiliTrust MFT provides a higher level of security and control when sharing files and in the transfer of bulky files compared with FTP methods. By utilising MFT businesses can reach data specific targets with secure collaboration that is stress free.

Confidentiality and security are ensured when exchanging high volume highly classified files thanks to the solution’s use of Adobe CDS (Certified Document Services) and AES-256 encryption. The solution is wholly focused on security with further built in features including anti-brute force mechanism, periodic password renewal and XSS filtering.  Administrators can also adapt settings to further secure sharing by filtering spam, setting quotas and creating multiple domains.

Users of DiliTrust MFT can also use the application to trace user and archive activity, with the solution providing a convienient audit trail for businesses.

Technology Leaders

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