DiliTrust MFT - Confidential or Voluminous Information Transfer
DiliTrust MFT

Combine simplicity and security with an enterprise file transfer solution.

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Choose DiliTrust MFT

DiliTrust MFT (Managed File Transfer) is a new, all-inclusive, secure exchange solution that adapts to the needs and constraints of enterprises of all types and sizes.

DiliTrust MFT respects the different privacy, regulatory and security constraints of each customer and enables companies to monitor and keep track of all exchanged data.

The solution includes a non-repudiation mechanisms (i.e. electronic signature) to ensure opposable exchanges for all involved parties (senders, recipients and applications).


DiliTrust MFT

DiliTrust MFT is designed to accompany the growing demand for digitizing business processes (purchase orders, invoices, contracts, pay slips etc.) and can be used directly by the business applicants themselves.

Our solution is sold under a software license or a cloud service. Companies can switch from one offer to the other, based on scheduling requirements and cost optimization targets.


Made to be simple:

DiliTrust MFT is a web-based application that can be accessed by a simple internet browser, or directly usable (without a plugin) with the standard Outlook e-mail client. No intervention is therefore necessary on the user stations.

Simple and intuitive, the user interface of DiliTrust MFT allows immediate use while administrators have an independent application to configure and audit the platform.

Secure Solution

Security is the number one priority of the DiliTrust MFT solution. On the platform side, security is enhanced through the use of security such as Adobe CDS (Certified Document Services). Adobe unveiled the CDS program, which automatically approves new digital IDs that are associated with the Adobe Root Certificate embedded in the DiliTrust MFT solution.

The solution also uses AES-256 encryption. This Advanced Encryption Standard is the most frequently used today, and has the most secure encryption algorithm. On the administration side, it is possible to filter unwanted documents, set quotas as well as create multiple domains.


The configuration of the OpenTrust MFT platform is done via an independent application. This web application makes it possible to easily set up the platform, establish the accesses and manage the exchange spaces between the users.

The management solution can be adjusted to suit each business need: dynamic control of user-accessible functions, types of correspondents, authorized file parameters, usable authentication means etc.

The solution also offers fine and granular management of access rights and delegations. User message templates are multilingual with multi-format text or HTML, send and receive settings and has customizable graphic themes.

The solution includes many authentication modes available to ensure compliance with corporate connection rules (LDAP-S, SAML v2, X.509, OTP SMS, password, default/guest mode).

Built-in security features include an anti-brute force mechanism, periodic and/or forced logon renewal, non-triviality rules, forgotten password management, XSS filtering, etc. Predefined inputs are also available.

Full traceability of actions (usage and administration) and integrated audit function (search interface and access to detailed traces) are also features of the solution.

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