Buyers Guide: Legal Entity Management

Using technology to optimize LEM activities

Digitization plays a key role in the management of shareholdings, capital transactions, corporate organizational charts, and everything related to Legal Entity Management.

As shown by studies and statistics, most of the tools currently in use do not meet the needs and requirements of legal and corporate affairs departments, resulting in four main challenges.

Representing In-house counsel and General counsel from 85 countries on six continents, the Association of
Corporate Counsel (ACC) has highlighted the reality on the ground for many companies. In its report, “An Inside Look at Legal Entity Management Practices”, published in April 2022 in collaboration with Deloitte, it used responses from 500 companies to detail legal entity management issues. The results show that the governance of subsidiaries is of better quality when the company chooses leading practices.

Although 73% of the participating companies express dissatisfaction or a neutral opinion on the technologies used, they nevertheless recognize that they are necessary for better management.

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