How Gateway Delta’s Board of Directors Went Paperless

Tara Hobbs, Office Manager for Gateway Delta, shares her insights on the digital transition of the board of directors and the benefits of going paperless.

“For someone who works crazy hours, having a system like DiliTrust Exec has been a huge game changer for me”.

– Tara Hobbs

Gateway Delta is a private real estate development company specialising in the turnkey construction of accommodation for multinational corporates and retailers wishing to expand their operations on the African continent.

As part of the organisation’s ambition to reach its paperless goal and ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) commitments, Gateway Delta decided to transition to a digital governance solution to dematerialize its board of directors and subcommittee meetings.

DiliTrust Exec was selected for its extensive features, its user-friendliness and the VIP support team available 24/7.