Excelling in Corporate Governance with Technology

In a business world that grows and becomes more complex, organizations constantly need to face challenges and adapt. To meet the demands of the current digitization, the way forward for improved corporate governance is simple: It is called software solutions.

OECD has described corporate governance as “a means to create market confidence and business integrity.” Needless to say, that is something a software solution on its own will never be able to achieve. Though used as a tool, together with the human forces of a company’s legal and governance teams, it is an unbeatable implement to help the process of good governance excel.

How to ease corporate governance

As the ways of governing are constantly changing in today’s digital climate, an always up-to-date and secure online software service is key to going forward. By centralizing the management of legal activities, it will ease corporate legal issues, manage practices, and help automate business purposes. All while keeping the human factor as the main significant and decision-maker.

The administration, direction, and control of a business could compare to the most complex but essential human body organs. The heart, brain, and immune cells of society would then be the body’s “corporate governance.” It involves processes, protocols, laws, institutions, standards, and regulations to make the whole framework.

In a body, everything is connected. When something then stops working, it will affect the rest of the organs. As a result, we get stressed and need to find a solution to run smoothly. In corporate governance, a secure software is that said solution.

Take advantage of the governance services

With the help of software such as the DiliTrust Governance suite, corporations can stay secure while straightforwardly governing their interests. Through the key organs, people can connect and produce important, sensitive documents with a full visibility of legal activities. Because the data is stored on secure servers, it is all without any safety worries. To make things even easier and stress-free, the software is accessible through a normal web browser.

Here are some of the ways our software can help ease the processes for your corporation:

  • Manage activities by offering broad visibility.
  • Prevent the rate of risk and deal with them more effectively when they occur.
  • Identify and deal with threats (legal, financial, organizational, environmental, etc.)
  • Accompany Board of Directors and management in all processes.
  • Improve business and IT agility to cope with the growing complexities of the business world.

Get ahead of the risks involving governance software

However, one thing is essential to remember: Software solutions, no matter how efficient and effective, must not overshadow the human role in good governance.

There is a chance of “over-performing” when adapting the tools, and with advanced software, it is easy to give your blind trust. However, gradually losing belief in human involvement in corporate governance might also cause whole operations to fall short. Technology should work hand in hand with man, not take over its responsibilities.

Publishers of software solutions in corporate governance should, therefore, never forget the human factor. Behind the machine, there is always a person who ultimately makes the final decisions.

We should embrace technology but not become it, because technology is not what we seek, it’s how we seek!”

– Gerd Leonhard, author of the book Technology vs. Humanity, in an interview with Forbes.

Human contact remains a fundamental factor, even when IT tools take over governance. At DiliTrust, in addition to the secure software, we are armed with competent consultants.