The DiliTrust Governance Suite

The DiliTrust Governance Suite
The DiliTrust Governance Suite and its various modules

The DiliTrust Governance Suite and its various modules

Available in SaaS mode, the DiliTrust Governance Suite is the new generation of DiliTrust's offering. It is an integrated and secure suite for automating the processes of your legal department. It offers a variety of modules.



As an integrated SaaS based, Cloud platform, the DiliTrust Governance Suite offers users a uniquely simple and dynamic interface, which streamlines the full adoption of the platform. Users will benefit from a complete and ready-to-use solution that combines ease of use with exceptional customer service.


Organize, analyze and collaborate

Data is easily accessible in real-time and updated continuously for all users according to pre-set confidentiality settings, access rights and restrictions.

For example, when an in-house counsel amends the data or information related to a company, these changes are automatically updated instantly resulting in measurable gains in productivity with full transparency.


Benefit from the highest security standards

The DiliTrust Governance Suite meets the requirements of ISO 27001, the highest international standard for IT security. The data of our European customers is exclusively hosted in Europe and is not subjected under any circumstances to the U.S. data regulations, including the CLOUD Act. You remain in control of your data at all times. Finally, security is enhanced by the ability to define their access rights of each document according to your confidentiality requirements.


A 5-star service

Our Customer Success and Customer Support teams are on hand 24/7/365 to meet your needs. Our standard SaaS service agreements include unlimited training at no additional cost.

Our integrated Suite can securely streamline and automate your legal and governance operations


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