Enhance your meeting management process with a board portal – 2/3

In the first article of this series, we highlighted the benefits of a board portal for the organization and the preparation upstream for the board meeting (creation of the agenda and board pack, delivery of board packs to board members and member access to the portal when preparing for the meeting). Once the board members receive their board packs, are ready and prepared, then the meeting may begin.

A Board portal increase your productivity for more performance of your board members & staff

STEP 4: The added value of a board portal during meetings for board members

After having saved all the meeting material inside the portal before the board meeting starts, the digital governance platform will show users its effectiveness and user-friendliness to contribute to an efficient meeting. We know that the time of board members is precious, that’s why board meetings must be conducted efficiently.

A board portal such as DiliTrust Exec helps to stick to the original plan by imposing time limits and not wasting time on never-ending discussions. Finding a specific piece of information in the portal, such as a personal note taken during the previous board meeting that was archived in the portal, is easy thanks to the powerful research tool, allowing board members to quickly make a recommendation or a statement about any topic.

Moreover, if an Internet connexion is not available, the administrator and directors will still be able to access all the documents, personal notes and the meeting material thanks to the “100% offline mode” feature of the DiliTrust Exec’s platform. In addition, from a compliance point of view, a board portal renders meetings and the boardroom more transparent, as all the actions can be recorded and archived for a future audit.

STEP 5: Note taking is synced to all your devices on and offline

By using a tablet during the meeting, directors can conduct their meeting with ease. A tablet is flat on the table and quiet and does not interfere with the discussions and debates. Board members can keep the pace and have all documents and data they need at their fingertips after they connect to their personal environment in the portal. Thus, they can simply browse through the notes they took previously when preparing the meeting, to have all the information on hand to make smart decisions.

During the meeting and discussions, directors can take more notes directly on their tablet and they can choose to keep them private or share them with the other members. With a tablet, reading and annotating documents with intuitive features using your fingers to tap, scroll and swipe feels perfectly natural. Directors can enjoy finger writing with a variety of pens, highlighters and sticky e-notes, just as simply as the real paper experience. All information and notes taken can be synced to all devices while remaining highly secure.

The success of an organization is due in part to superior communication between board members. It is at this level that digitization takes on its full intention of allowing board members to practice efficient communicational leadership.

For more information about what comes next, once the board meeting is over, stay tuned for the third and last article of this series.