8 Tips to Successfully Adopt a DiliTrust Board Portal

All board members and executive committees can get on board with a digital portal with the right facts at their fingertips. Our tips for successful pitching and implementation prove that increased productivity, data security and enhanced collaboration are just some of the benefits of choosing DiliTrust Exec.

8 Tips to Successfully Adopt a DiliTrust Board Portal

 1: Pitching the Right Portal

Finding the right company to deliver your portal from start to finish is a key ingredient to success. From the get go board members need to be enticed to abandon their paper cache of documents in favour of a trustworthy digital portal.

Why DiliTrust Exec ? Two core reasons for adopting our board portal: it enables two major improvements in both the security of your documents and in the streamlining of tasks.

  • Security

Paper documents containing classified information are a ticking time bomb in terms of security. Our board portal adheres to stringent international security standards (see tip #2) and as a French owned company our technology is compatible with your privacy as our servers based in Canada, France and the UAE not subject to invasive U.S. data legislation. No American board portal can guarantee you this security.

  • Streamlining tasks

DiliTrust Exec will accelerate decision making thanks to its technology, which allows each user to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently at any time. Removing bulky paper files from the equation allows users to concentrate wholly on documents via our user-friendly interface (see tip #3 for more information)

2: The Question of Security

DiliTrust Exec meets stringent international security standards via its ISO 27001 certification. The security of your board is further protected through our vigilant measures which include a strict password policy, penetration tests, data encryption and continuous internal and external audits. Members of your board or your executive committee themselves have customisable controls and access levels to improve internal and external security even further. All information is located in one secure platform via tablet or pc and remains secure whatever the issue e.g. loss of tablet, theft etc.

3: Championing the Benefits of a Board Portal

DiliTrust Exec allows for seamless task organisation:

  • Meeting Prep

Quicker than a corporate secretary can say “drag &drop”, agendas can be fluidly created with instant distribution. Online or offline members using DiliTrust Exec can comb through archives or review key documents to better prepare for meetings.

  • Document Management

Board members can add their notes to documents in a variety of ways using DiliTrust Exec, via post-it tabs, hand written comments, the highlighter feature or vocal note-taking.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

Whether users prefer to work using their tablet or their personal computer, DiliTrust Exec is available via iPad, Android and Windows in an easy to use application. Teamwork is enhanced with collaborative features which include surveys and voting on documents. Decisions are streamlined when each member is informed and has offered their feedback via our board portal.

4:  Return on Investment

Our calculations show that using a board portal can save your business €17,760 a year. This figure calculates the cost of packaging, courier costs and staff costs involved in packing, preparing and sending each board member pack for 20 members. This figure does not include enhanced productivity savings among board or executive committee members or savings in terms of a data breech. IBM have calculated that in 2018 the global average cost of a data breech has risen to $3.86 million (+6.4%). The average cost for each lost or stolen classified record is $148.

5: Getting Started

Seeing is believing. Prospective clients can  request a free demo with a member of our team to receive a personalised tour of our software; whether in person or via video conferencing within 24 hours of your request.

6: Training is a clinch

Training for DiliTrust Exec centres around three steps to make sessions as clear and informative as positive. Administrators of the portal receive specific training followed by group training for the board which then allows for individual customised implementation of the portal by our experts.

7: Expert 24/7 Support

Multilingual 24/7 support is available worldwide for our clients from our team for any query you may have. DiliTrust expert consultants are also on hand to deal with more particular questions.

8: Inching towards Sustainability

A board of 20 directors produce on average 72,000 sheets per year resulting in the loss of 10 trees. Adopting a portal is a clear move towards sustainability. Figures show that recycling just one tonne of paper can save 7,000 gallons of water. It also saves 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, and 4,000 kilowatts of energy.

For more information contact us today to learn more about what DiliTrust Exec can do for your board or executive committee.