What is a Data Room and What Can it Do for Your Business?

Last year The Economist argued that “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”. This statement is one that is quickly garnering traction in the corporate world. Securing and maximising the utility of your confidential data for heavy weight projects is a not just a smart move but a necessary one. Find out what exactly is a data room and how can it help you to better manage, optimise and realise your projects.

What is a Data Room and What can it do for Your Business?

What is a Data Room?

A virtual data room allows users to securely manage documents and serves as a central point of contact for internal and external project collaborators from various industries. Secure software allows users to easily upload thousands of files, control user access and collaborate securely, while tracking user activity through rich statistics and user-friendly tools like memo sharing, document annotations and instant alerts. The data room market is set to reach 1.895.0 million USD by 2022 (up from 942.2 million in 2017) as increasing volumes of business data, data privacy regulations and a growing need for intellectual property and risk management are major factors in charging this growth. Demand is in for data accuracy, security and accessibility.

3 key ways a DiliTrust Data Room can help your business:

1: Securing your confidential data

Data security is the primary motive for opening a virtual data room as it affords you the security that paper files cannot. Important projects remain secure thanks to strong authentication and intrusion detection. What is more, our data is hosted in France, Canada and Dubai, which ensures our clients data is not subject to the U.S. Freedom Act and Cloud Act.

2: Data Control

DiliTrust Data Room administrators completely control access rights to confidential data making project collaboration fluid and secure. One single account is used to manage all data rooms and activity reports which illustrate connections and consultations.

3: Document Management

The process of document management is rendered easy thanks to a virtual data room. All users can avail of 24/7 support from an experienced multi-lingual support team a each step of the way, including setting user access rights and invitations. Administrators and users also receive requests and sending alerts to enhance confidential document management.

By Industry: How Can a Data Room Help Your Project?

M&A and Corporate Finance: A significant volume of confidential information is generated and exchanged during mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks have therefore the opportunity to set up a virtual data room to present necessary information to potential investors within separate industries, for example,  financial, legal and commerical. Our data room maximises team’s productivity, performance, transactions speed and minimises audits’ direct and indirect costs.

Pharma and Bio-Tech: These industries have been hit hardest by data breeches as the value of the information they possess is incredibly valuable to criminals. DiliTrust Data Room provides a secure and controlled platform to share confidential data to an unlimited number of users.

Real Estate: Property management involves a significant amount of document management for notaries, firms or real estate management companies. Large quantities of documents must be made available to engineering firms, architectural firms and potential buyers during the purchasing process. Our data room facilitates efficient document dissemination of crucial documents during these transactions.

About DiliTrust Data Room

DiliTrust Data Room is an effective solution for securing and sharing your confidential data during sensitive projects. Our solution offers optimal traceability of confidential information and is adapted to all types of secure exchanges: mergers & acquisitions, private equity, out-licencing of intellectual property, industrial project financing and restructuring. DiliTrust Data Room is offered by subscription. Three editions are available, depending on the degree of assistance you want. The number of users and the volumes are not limited, no additional invoice is issued when the data room closes: you have total control over your costs. Contact us today to book a free demo.