Using Digital Solutions as a Catalyst for Performance for Board Members

The digital revolution began a few years ago when new technologies emerged and significantly transformed the lifestyles of millions of people around the world. But they most notably changed our daily lives, how we interact and our work methods.

A Board portal boosts your board members' performance

Strategies implemented at many levels within organizations are increasingly digitized, and the emergence of many kinds of devices inflated this digital transition. However, many organizations have not yet embraced this “digitization” and end up lagging behind.

Today, one of the major topics of discussion in board member and executive meetings is the digital transition their organizations have to make. Nevertheless, many people are still using paper and have doubts about the added value of these digital solutions as a paperless board portal. Yet, the efficiency provided by such services has been proven.

Digital Transition of Board of Directors Brings Efficiency

With more and more people choosing to adopt this digital practice, the paperless board portal became an indispensible tool in corporate governance practices. Indeed, board portals represent a powerful solution for board members, so they can be more efficient in their due diligence and the application of their decisions. This advanced and secure technology provides organizations with better corporate governance, by quickly implementing recommendations from the board of directors, to the benefit of all levels of the organization.

Because we live in a world that is constantly evolving, efficiency and collaboration of board members are considered to be major concerns for any board of directors when the subject of selecting a paperless board portal is brought to the table. Having instant and permanent access to information in a highly secure way becomes a key factor of success in fulfilling their corporate governance duties. Boar portal is a very user-friendly solution which does not compromise data security, and brings mobility and also data portability to board members, for a fast and smooth digital transition. This kind of tool offers board members a new way of collaborating by facilitating the transmission of information or board documents with a simple click, thus enhancing the productivity of board and committee meetings.

Stronger Data Security with a Paperless Board Portal

During the last few months, organisations became aware of risks that emergence of new technologies can create, especially with a constant rise of cyber-attacks against major global corporations. In one of my previous posts, “Cyber-attacks don’t just happen to other organizations…”, I mentioned the fact that board members and executives underestimate the importance of cybersecurity programs and continue using emails or cloud-based software, believing that these tools are secure. Cyber-attacks and data breaches in the last few months have proven their ineffectiveness. It is crucial for organizations to implement cybersecurity programs with regular penetration tests to be able to handle such threats.

Adopting a paperless board portal means board packs are only accessible to authorized users, who will have been previously approved by the administrator of the platform, providing better data management and data security. As a result, board members can securely communicate, collaborate and share information. The DiliTrust Exec board portal offers its users highly secure and permanent access to their information, anywhere at any time, guaranteeing data sovereignty for each organization. Data is hosted on ISO 27001 certified servers and is not subject to foreign legislation, such as the U.S Patriot Act.