Cyberattacks don’t just happen to other organizations…

Recent studies have shown that many CEOs and board members do not use cyber security, and do not have a program dedicated to the overall security of their sensitive data. No organization anywhere in the world is immune to cyber-attacks; each board member, CEO and top level executive must adopt a culture of receptivity and vigilance when it comes to cyber security, and they must do this for the good of their organization.

Protect your board data from cyberattacks with a board portal

Many listed and public company board directors underestimate the importance of cyber security and continue using email or cloud-based software, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, thinking these tools are secure. They are not, and recent revelations by Yahoo and Dropbox regarding the hacking of their user accounts and information further prove their inefficiency when it comes to security.

Implementing a cyber security program, a must-have for any organization

According to the Tanium survey, «90% of 1,530 senior executive and nonexecutive directors in the U.S., U.K. and Japan could not read a cybersecurity report and were not prepared to handle a breach». IT Departments within organizations always report what board directors want to hear, and the facts clearly show that CEOs and board members are not taking cyber-attacks seriously enough.

Keeping your sensitive data confidential is not as simple as it may seem, and implementing serious cyber security policies is required. With cyber-attacks becoming more and more sophisticated and with new vulnerabilities being regularly exposed, cyber security programs have to be up to date, and penetration tests are becoming vital for every organization.

Penetration tests, for example, represent a crucial role in identifying any cyber threat. They allow for the identification and elimination of vulnerabilities, reducing pirating threats, and optimize the system in place with efficient controls in order to improve defenses. These tests show tangible results in prevention and conformity in terms of data security.

Adopting a culture of constant alertness and knowledge, the key to secure board meetings

Many board members are unable to understand a cyber security report primarily due to a lack of tech or cybersecurity background. This is why it’s essential for board members to have a minimum level of technical or technological expertise, or undergo training regarding cybersecurity. This knowledge is vital for board members facing data breaches or malware intrusions, especially with the growing emergence of ransomware. Without this preparation cyber damage will get worse and it will become necessary to have a Plan B for reducing cyber risks.

Digital board portals may act as a relief for directors in terms of data security. Board portals allow board members to have access to their meetings and confidential data, anywhere and at any time, in a highly secure way. The DiliTrust Exec portal provides banking-level data security and your data will be locally stored on servers certified by international standards (ISO 27001), and not subject to the American Freedom Act. Request your free demo and reinforce your strategy in terms of data security.