Superhero To-Do List for the Executive Assistant/Board Secretary

One of the things that many executives like to do when heading for any break is putting specific measures in place to ensure that they are ready to hit the ground running when they are back. With that in mind, here are some things that you as an executive assistant or board secretary can put on your 2023.


A to-Do list to ensure that your Board gets off to a great start and you are paving the path to a superhero status this year:

1) Get on the APP bandwagon

We use multiple tools to keep in touch with our team members. Are you still using emails and phone calls to notify your team members of meetings? Or using paper and reports to gather important information? It is time to get into the digital age and bring your board with you!

Using Apps to keep track of important information keeps everything in one place and makes it easy for other members to access relevant information from one space.

Apps also make meetings and communication more efficient. You can begin the year by identifying and using relevant apps to make your time management more efficient.

2) Put on your IT hat

You do not need to be a cybersecurity expert to know that any compromise on your company’s information, expressly confidential information, is terrible for your business. If the system you are using to store your company’s information is not secure, it risks your company’s systems. As an executive assistant or board secretary, identifying and communicating these risks to your executive team can prove to be helpful. You can take it one step further by researching and recommending some secure platforms where your company can host any sensitive content and information.

3) Help your company achieve its “Green Goals”

Everyone and every brand are trying their best to be sensitive to the environment and practice sustainability. Introducing and encouraging this practice is an excellent way to start your year on a positive note. Some action items could be going paperless parts of the office like the board room. Encourage team members to take notes on laptops or tablets if they work from home. Talk about the pros of these actions, such as being cost-effective, saving time in scrambling for notepads and pens, and the best of all – saving the planet while being efficient.

4) Stop chasing your board members for answers

Steering your team into embracing digital tools can empower them and help you manage team meetings and gather relevant information.

You do not need to chase different people for answers or meeting invite acceptations. Introduce them to a self-serve and paperless board meeting management tool that will make responses to meeting notifications easier to manage, giving you and the team more time to focus on strategic aspects of the company.

In summary, the beginning of the year is always a strategic starting point to map out the efficiency of the rest of your year. By utilizing the correct digital apps and tools, encouraging other team members to use these tools, and ensuring your company’s information is secure, you pave the path to efficiency by crossing off some crucial tasks from your 2023 superhero list.


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