Data Room, an Easy and Effective Way to Secure your Confidential Documents

The 2015 study about the cost of data breaches by Ponemon Institute, shows that the average cost incurred for each lost or stolen data increased by 6 % compared to 2014.

More and more companies were attacked. Some of them still have problems to fix. For example Target group had more than 40 million credit card numbers stolen at the end of 2013 and still suffers the consequences after several attacks. Another example is Sony Pictures email piracy in November 2014. It revealed a lot of emails sent or received by group employees.

In order to escape from these inconveniences on delicate projects, DiliTrust offers an innovative platform for secure sharing of confidential information. This solution is suitable for all types of secure exchanges. Here are some examples:

M&A and Corporate Finance: a significant volume of confidential information is generated and exchanged during mergers and acquisitions.
Investment banks have therefore the opportunity to set up a virtual data room to present the necessary information to potential investors (Financial, Legal, Commercial, HR …)

DiliTrust maximises teams productivity, performance, transactions speed and minimises audits’ direct and indirect costs.

Pharma and Bio-Tech: Ponemon Institute’s study reveals that Health emerges as the industry having the highest cost per stolen data. This is due because of the amount of sensitive documents exchanged: results of clinical testing, R&D programs…

DiliTrust structure these exchanges by providing a platform for personalized and secure sharing of information from stakeholders, and for collaborative work of professionals engaged in these exchanges.

Real Estate: property management involves a significant amount of documents management for notaries, firms or real estate management companies. These managers must make many documents available to engineering firms, architectural firms, communities or potential buyers.

DiliTrust offers quick, simultaneous implementation and differentiated access for an efficient management of these transactions.

Whatever kind of exchange concerned, an efficient data room allows to focus only on the project and accelerate productivity.

Therefore DiliTrust chose to simplify to the maximum the implementation process and animation of the data room with support available 24/7.