5 Key Tips to Elevate Your Board Meetings Strategy

Watch this 30-minute webinar and:

Discover five key tips to optimize your board meeting processes to drive organizational growth and success

Learn about the advantages of using a digital solution

Identify prevalent efficiency challenges and discover strategies to work faster, more seamlessly, and smarter – both in the planning phase, during the session, and post-meeting

What you will learn?

Board meetings serve as the cornerstone of organizational governance, enabling decision-making, strategy formulation, and accountability to take place. The traditional methods of conducting such meetings, however, often fall short in terms of efficiency and productivity. Board interactions can be hindered by manual processes, geographical constraints, and security concerns, resulting in missed opportunities and delayed progress. Embracing the power of technology is essential to overcoming these challenges and unlocking the full potential of boardroom collaboration.

Whether you are considering integrating a digital solution for your Board or having productivity stoppers on your governance, we’ll show how a digital solution will elevate your potential as you never imagined before.

Our speaker

Karen Gastle, Senior Business Development Executive, is a legaltech expert, specialized in implementing digital solutions for board members, committees and corporate secretaries. Drawing from David’s experience, you’ll receive expert guidance on 3 main ways you can save time when conducting or participating in board meetings, increasing its efficiency with confidence.

Watch this replay and gain practical insights and strategies to overcome common obstacles, helping you achieve a board meeting in a fully digital environment.Download your guide today for digitize is the best way your entities

Simplify the management of your board meetings

From agenda preparation and document sharing, all the way to meeting management, voting and automatic minutes generation, the Board Portal by DiliTrust is a comprehensive solution that enables both board members and general secretaries to collaborate in a dedicated and secure environment.

Over 15,000 boards and committees trust our Board Portal to handle their entire meeting lifecycle. Experience a platform that caters to all phases – before, during, and after meetings, building trust and efficiency for both board members and general secretaries.

Save up to 50% of your time with an all-in-one solution for your board governance needs

Maximize Your Time, Minimize Your Tools

  • Secure: Ensure data protection and prevent information leaks, thanks to the highest security protocols, historical data trails,  and full traceability. Your sensitive data is hosted on certified servers with top-tier protection.
  • Easy to use: Allow board members and corporate secretaries to use an intuitive and mobile-friendly design, ensuring ease of use and access to the platform, both online and offline.
  • Efficient: Save time and resources by managing each task before, during, and after each meeting, supported by our proprietary AI. Enjoy a paperless approach for more productive and cost-effective meeting management.
  • Centralized: Find minutes, agendas, notes, and documentation, all in one place, ensuring a streamlined process and fast decision-making. Allow board members to switch between different boards or committees.
Before the Meeting
  • Meeting Preparation
    Create or duplicate previous board meetings, saving time and ensuring consistency. Easily replicate previous votes and surveys, saving time during the planning process.
  • Document Management
    Go paperless by uploading and sharing files directly within the portal, ensuring every member has access to essential documents in a central and secure platform. 
  • Communication and Notifications
    Send custom notifications, integrated with email providers, for invitations and reminders.
  • Collaborative Tools
    Facilitate real-time collaboration with instant changes, chats, and interactive tools like annotations and sticky notes.
  • Agenda Management
    Enable each member to propose agenda topics well in advance, fostering a collaborative agenda-setting process.
During the Meeting
  • Meeting Management
    Track attendance online or on-site. Use integrated e-signature providers like Adobe Sign, SignatureIT, or DocuSign, for secure e-signing directly within the DiliTrust platform. Enhance information security with customized watermarks.
  • E-signatures
    Each document and attendance sheet can be e-signed directly in the platform, by using one of the aforementioned integrated e-signature providers. This feature allows the users to perform all necessary tasks without leaving the platform. 
  • Voting and Surveys
    Simplify decision-making by managing votes, including weighted votes and surveys, in real-time or on a scheduled timeline, facilitating collaboration between international teams.
  • Minutes and Resolutions
    Easily generate, store, and access minutes and resolutions within the platform, to ensure a comprehensive record of decisions and discussions.
After the Meeting
  • Post-Meeting Analysis
    Analyze board efficiency with defined KPIs. Generate surveys and share critical information with stakeholders. Create audit trails with tracking for attendance, votes, and survey history. Access embedded statistics and customizable KPIs for data-driven decisions. Track user data, meeting details, document interactions, among other activities.
  • Minutes Generation
    Produce AI-generated minutes based on summarized documents, agendas, and meeting transcripts, for accuracy in documenting important decisions and discussions.
  • Storage and Sharing of Minutes
    Digitally store and share meeting minutes and resolutions, with added security provided by watermarks.
  • Signature Management
    Signature management is made easy by grouping pending signatures.