Make your Board of Directors More Efficient with a Digital Corporate Governance

Information technology has become ubiquitous in our everyday life, as much on a personal level as on a professional one. More innovative day by day, information technology plays a major role in evolving organizations, which are directly affected by this phenomena of « digitalization »

a board portal enhances efficiency and performance of board members and corporate secretaries

The early 2000s was the advent of new information technology used every day: emails replaced the postal service and social media has became a favourable means of communication by organizations for interacting with their clientele. These means of communication are upgraded quickly and the information flow to manage is always increasing. Digitalization may grow to be a huge asset for board members in their duty of due diligence, allowing them to be more efficient individually while also enhancing the performance of their organization.

Digital Corporate Governance: A Source of Productivity and Efficiency

Fulfilling the role and responsibilities as a board member is not as easy a task as one might think. Optimizing the time of a director is key to success. Digital solutions, such as paperless board portals, help boards of directors on the road to digitalization. The primary objective of a paperless board portal is to enhance productivity of board and committee meetings at different levels, most of all at the board member level.

A board portal is specifically developed based off of board member habits, allowing them to have instant access to their meeting information on tablets, anywhere at any time, in a highly secure way. You will no longer require heavy suitcases full of documents. Moreover, you can also capture handwritten or sticky notes directly on the tablet and share them to your fellow members with just a click. Board portals offer increased productivity and reduce wasted time, in part thanks to a performant search tool allowing the directors to find any of their notes in their documents.

Many people know that board meetings management consists of tough, conscientious and long tasks to fulfill and complications arise when documents are not provided in time or modifications have to be done at the last minute. Board portals eliminate the need for paper and messenger costs, and reform the time employees spend on paperwork. This digital management process continues to become more efficient, faster and noticeably less expensive.

Better Information Management and Communication Between Board Members

A director may sometimes sit on several boards of directors and committees. As you might expect, there is an extremely high volume of information for him to handle and it’s essential to manage. Adopting a modern and digital service in the form of a board portal will provide greater efficiency and performance to board members, allowing them to prevent bad decisions or votes.

The success of an organization is due in part to superior communication between board members. Making joint decisions can be taxing work and each board member knows it. It is also at this level that digitalization takes on its full intention of allowing board members to practice efficient communicational leadership.

The DiliTrust Exec’s online governance solution is accessible in real-time and on demand. This allows users of the board portal to showcase their expertise thanks to a collaborative and efficient framework, as well as advanced management features, intuitive ergonomics and mobility. As a result, meeting productivity is increased, fully supportive of governance leadership and providing unique communication for the benefit of the organization as a whole. The DiliTrust Exec solution is a Canadian solution that meets the most stringent international information security standards (ISO 27001) and supports an archiving and backup policy that manages data access. Modernize your management systems for the digital era and adopt the DiliTrust Exec’s Board Portal for your board and committee meetings.