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Fact sheet: How Your Board Self-Evaluation Should Change for a Post-COVID Landscape

By now, most have gotten used to working through a pandemic, and most companies have settled into a routine. Despite the worldwide vaccine rollouts, the world still has a ways to go before reaching total normalcy. How Your Board Self-Evaluation Should Change for a Post-COVID Landscape Board self-evaluations are routine, with most boards performing them regularly and taking them very seriously. As the economic sands shift to a post-pandemic world, company boards need to be prepared for these disruptive and long-term changes and thoroughly consider them during their annual evaluations. Board self-evaluations can be opportunities to adapt the company by taking lessons learned throughout the pandemic - such as how effective employees have been at working from home and an emphasis on diversity - and applying them to the company’s corporate governance structure for the long term. For effective and meaningful board self-evaluations, the following elements must be considered: • The quality of monitoring and the role of risk management. • The quality of the strategic orientations and other management-related decisions. • The dynamics of the board of directors and the proactive participation of all members. • The composition and diversity within the board of directors. Download our factsheet to learn more.

published on 2021/17/09

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