Give your Board Data the Security it Deserves

Lately, cybersecurity has become a major concern in boardroom discussions and there is cause for alarm.

Your Board data requires the highest level of security

Indeed, following news and announcements regarding the information leak of millions of accounts with Dropbox and Yahoo during the last few weeks or the cyber attacks against many of the largest internet companies such as Twitter, Spotify or eBay, cybersecurity is a top major issue for board members and executives of organizations.

Despite the trend of trying to secure as much data as possible, many listed and public company board directors underestimate the importance of cybersecurity and still use emails and cloud storage devices such as Dropbox to spread and share their sensitive data. Meanwhile the cyber-attack revealed by Dropbox which resulted in the information leak of millions of their user accounts only highlights the fact that board data security offered by cloud storage providers is not as secure as many might think.

Blurred Conditions of Use and Doubtful Data Security

As one can imagine, there are millions of people using cloud storage software for personal use, myself included. However, thinking about it, is it the best way to store my board of directors’ sensitive data? Do I care about the location of my confidential data? Will it be secure against cyber-criminals and cyber-threats? Am I ready to take full responsibility for using this kind of software for my board data? There are many similar questions that have to be considered when using these services.

Collaborate Under High Security with a Board Portal

The DiliTrust Exec’s Board Portal provides board members with instant access to their board meeting information, anywhere and anytime, in a highly secure manner. Board data is hosted locally, on dedicated servers, offering a level of data security certified by international standards.

With our portal, board documents are only accessible to authorized users, who will have been previously approved by the administrator of the platform. The administrator has control of all the information, meaning they can give reading or copy permission of document to select board members. They also have the ability to track user actions on a given document. All of these options result in better management and data security, which can be reinforced by adding a watermark to a document in order to avoid any risk of a leak. Consequently, board members can communicate, collaborate and share information in a safe environment, providing the board with greater efficiency and performance benefiting their organization.