Gartner Report: 8 Reasons More CEOs Will Be Fired Over Cybersecurity Incidents



DiliTrust has worked with thousands of board members and executive committees all over the world to support them in exercising their responsibilities and improving their governance thanks to our digital solutions. Helping executives to achieve best practices in their day to day corporate governance is at the core of our services. As we ensure that our clients protect their most sensitive data on a daily basis, we understand more than most the need to be stringent about security and cyber risk. A clear understanding of cybersecurity and the risks involved is essential for any business leader.

Gartner research shows that CEOs are increasingly being blamed and punished as a result of cybersecurity-related events — even more so than IT executives. CIOs concerned with IT risk must help CEOs achieve greater defensibility with key stakeholders.

In this complimentary Gartner research, we believe CEOs can find support for these key areas:

  • How to understand the 8 related causes of security failure?
  • How to bridge the cultural disconnect that causes executives to treat security like a technical problem handled by technical people?
  • How to address broken accountability that results in poor investment decisions and more invisible systemic risk?


Gartner, 8 Reasons More CEOs Will Be Fired Over Cybersecurity Incidents, 15 March 2019, Paul Proctor.