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Paperless Board Portal

A smart and secure board portal certified by international standards.

Digitization is now indispensable, and all in athe company’s inner workings: human resources, exchanges with the administration etc. Even within the board of directors, whose organization is often experienced as a logistics ordeal. A paperless board portal is therefore the perfect fit for many boards across the globe.

Indeed, the board’s supporting documentation includes hundreds of pages that are processed, reviewed, assembled and sent to administrators, often dispersed all around the world. Thus, in this trend of heavy documentation and companies’ internationalization, to make last-minute changes is almost impossible, especially because deadlines are very short. The stakes are increasingly crucial in terms of confidentiality of the information, which has to be controlled to prevent leakage. Therefore, it is high time for companies to use paperless solutions for their board of directors to facilitate their organization and to help the information circulation.

DiliTrust Exec is a web-based, secure and user-friendly board portal to help manage meetings and the documents of boards of directors and committees. Thanks to this solution, your board of directors will have an easier time to prepare, while being more efficient, secure and paperless.

To meet these needs, DiliTrust offers its DiliTrust Exec solution.