Paperless Board Portal

A smart and secure board portal certified by international standards.

Digitisation is now indispensable in every aspect of  business to accelerate organisation, productivity and growth. This is especially true in the case of busy Board of Directors, who need a streamlined, intuitive and easy to use board portal to aid informed decision making.

Adopting a board portal not only simplifies the task of reading reams of weighty reports but also allows users to amend documents online by adding notes, sharing their direct feeback and highlighting key points. Members can seamlessly make last minute changes to documentation. Hence, the considerable expense and effort of sharing highly confidential documents with your Board of Directors is minimised.

The Board Portal module of the DiliTrust Governance suite is a web-based, secure and user-friendly board portal to help manage meetings and the documents of boards of directors and executive committees. Our solution enables members to collaborate efficiently, secure and paperless.

To meet these needs, DiliTrust provides its Board Portal solution.