13th Annual Crown Corporate Governance

Corporate governance has never been so crucial in the longevity of organizations. Organized by the Canadian Institute, the 13th Annual Crown Corporate Governance focuses on discussing innovation solutions to leadership, governance and oversight challenges impacting business strategies. DiliTrust is proud to be sponsor of this event.

Obtaining a clear understanding of Crown Corporation executive, board and government roles and responsibilities, and how to manage their interplay, is critical to ensuring seamless accountability and transparency within a crown or agency.

This program is designed to provide and discuss practical strategies and tips from like-minded professionals in an intimate and informal setting to ensure ideas and solutions can be taken and applied immediately within their organization.

Several critical issues will be discussed:

  • New legal developmentsimpacting ministries, board and crown leadership
  • Ethical situationsencountered by boards of directors and top leadership
  • Practical strategies to improve oversight and transparency
  • Managing your reputationand maintaining a positive perception
  • Improving gender representation and diversityon boards and in the executive

Members of the DiliTrust team will be at the conference to discuss topics and strategies that concern board of directors and organizations. Come visit us at our booth.

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