DiliTrust Conference 2018: Toronto Edition

This year it was announced that DiliTrust would host 4 global user conferences; in Paris, Toronto, Montréal and Dubai. In Canada, two conferences were hosted in English and in French, in Toronto and Montréal held on the 15 and 21 of November respectively. The DiliTrust Paris Conference took place earlier on October 11, while the Dubai conference date has been scheduled for early 2019.

DiliTrust Conference Toronto 2018

Toronto Edition

The Toronto conference took place at the Sheraton Center Hotel in the heart of Toronto. The half day event focused on sharing key insights about two themes: corporate governance and secure data sharing and addressed how legal professionals, corporate secretaries and board members can streamline and organise their professional activities by embracing technology.

The conference began with opening remarks from DiliTrust CTO Nadim Baklouti, who warmly welcomed guests for their attendance. Following his words, the conference began with a presentation entitled, ‘Challenges for the boards and executive committees of tomorrow: evaluation, cybersecurity and change management’. It focused on how companies can armour themselves against a widening cyber threat landscape by employing secure technologies and remaining vigilant with their security. He explored the challenges of the future for Legal Departments and board of directors who wish to embrace digitization and explained how DiliTrust have prioritised security for each and every client who utilises DiliTrust solutions. Conference attendees were able to engage with the topic further as the presentation involved a question and answers section.

The next topic on the agenda was a presentation from Kintxo Freiss which was specifically directed at legal professionals and how Legal Departments can become paperless by utilising DiliTrust Governance. As a governance specialist, he discussed how legal activities like Corporate Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Authorizations, Intellectual Property and Contracts can be managed via one secure digitized platform to centralize legal data in one place.

Following this presentation, the theme of paperless corporate governance was continued with a short product demo entitled, ‘Paperless board meetings with DiliTrust Exec’ which focused on new functionalities presented by Karen Gastle. Following that presentation, conference attendees were then informed about the new product features for DiliTrust Exec and what changes users can anticipate in 2019.

A client case study, presented by and involving Michelle L. Christian, Board administrator at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation and Trish Matthews, Manager of the Office of the President and CEO & Board of Directors at Scarborough Health Network which discussed their experiences with DiliTrust Exec. Prospective clients were also able to direct their questions to our current clients to explore fully the DiliTrust experience.

The conference was wrapped up with closing remarks and a networking hour where attendees were able to discuss industry insights with each other before the event drew to a close.

DiliTrust would like to extend a warm thank you to all attendees and participants for making the event an enjoyable success. We hope to see everyone at DiliTrust Conference 2019 in Toronto.