Cyber Security 2018: Building Resilience Now and For the Future

DiliTrust is proud to be a sponsor of the Cyber Security 2018 conference organised by The Conference Board of Canada to discuss about the best practices to implement for an effective cybersecurity strategy. This conference will take place on March 1-2, 2018 at the Shaw Centre of Ottawa.

It seems as if everywhere you look nowadays there is a new cyber attack or emerging threat—what is your response? No one is safe from these threats. You have a responsibility to ensure you keep up to date with emerging issues and ensure your systems are secure and your people are aware of the risks.

This event will explore a three-pronged strategy that will optimize your defenses now and in the future, while ensuring you have a practical strategy that you can implement to bounce back in the event of an attack. The three parts each cover different but essential aspects of any resilient cyber security strategy:

  • Before a breach—how can you best identify and track existing threats and create systems and people that will effectively defend against attack.
  • After a breach—do you have contingency plans for business continuity, how to respond to ransom demands, a state of the art strategy for stakeholder communications?
  • Future threats and your response—what risks does the future hold and how are you tracking them? What processes do you have in place to prepare?

Our CTO, Nadim Baklouti, will lead a session entitled « Security Begins with Effective Leadership: How to Build and Facilitate Effective Cyber Security within Boards. »

When developing a cyber security strategy for your organization two issues need to be top of mind. First, who owns and leads security, and second, whose input and expertise do you need to create effective security and sustainable resilience in the long term.

Many organizations focus on « what » to secure and forget about the « how ». In this session, you will hear about the complexity of securing the most sensitive and critical part of any organization: the board.

What happens when you need to secure the boardroom? Is it even possible for the IT guy to secure the C-level? How can you make the chairman comply with any security procedure?

Meet and network with public and private sector thought leaders, and benefit from their experience dealing with the same types of challenges you face.

For more information on the conference and updates on the agenda, visit the website.

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