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Board Portal module of DiliTrust Governance receives Gold Medal

DiliTrust is proud to report that the Board Portal module has been awarded a gold medal in the “Board Management” category of Info-Tech Research Group’s 2021 report.

Software Reviews, Info-Tech Research Group’s world-class IT research and consulting firm, has released a detailed report on DiliTrust regarding the results of the reviews obtained. Their accurate customer-based reviews strive to help software users make better decisions. DiliTrust received a stunning score of 9.1/10 derived from the combination of:

100% intention to renew;
97% willingness to recommend;
78% appropriateness of cost versus value.

The report shows that users of the Board Portal module are satisfied with the support DiliTrust offers due to the accessibility and quality of training. This is also due to the fact that the DiliTrust Governance suite has a high degree of usability and intuitiveness.


This is one of the core values for DiliTrust: prioritizing the experience, following the customer and supporting them in the field is what characterizes us. DiliTrust offers a comprehensive support service whose mission is to accompany the customer in the use of all technical and functional innovations made available. Customer service is handled by experienced technicians who respond to inquiries via phone and e-mail 24/7. In addition, we provide unlimited training to all our customers.