A Handbook for Executive Women in the Boardroom

At DiliTrust, our mission has always been to help organizations make the most of governance best practices. Every day, we help Boards of Directors and Committees effectively modernize and reinvent their governance through our secure solutions and services.

In the context of a global pandemic where the impact on companies and society is unprecedented, gender diversity and parity in management bodies have never been so important.

In order to promote good governance practices, we were inspired to address this issue and support the women and men working towards this goal. That is why we are proud to share with you:  A Handbook for Executive Women in the Boardroom dedicated to topics in gender equality in governance bodies.

Our goal is to raise the voices of committed women leaders, board members, and corporate executives in different industries worldwide through this handbook. We asked our interviewees to share their struggles, insights, and advice for those who aspire to become female directors tomorrow.  You can find the answers to questions such as:

  • Why is there such a vast gap between the demand and supply of female directors?
  • How have our interviewees managed to break through a patriarchal system to initiate change?
  • How can we encourage more qualified women to take up management positions, join boards, and break the glass ceiling?

You will find all the answers to these questions and many more in this handbook created with the active participation of 13 influential women from all over the globe: Viviane de Beaufort, Renée van der Burg, Louise Champoux-Paillé, Lucy Chow, Caroline Codsi, Elena David, Lucille Desjonquères, Sonia Ferrero, Sarah Harmon, Fabiola Mascardi, Diva Moriani, Paola Tagliavini and Romy Voos Andrianarisoa.

We invite you to (re)discover these inspiring women and their testimonies for a new look at the governance of tomorrow.

Whether you are already a member of a Board of Directors or an Executive Committee, aspire to become one, or are simply interested in the issues of gender parity in corporate governance, this collection will give you valuable advice on how you can make a difference and make a positive impact your environment.