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FACT SHEET | 5 Key Ways the Pandemic Has Transformed Corporate Governance in the Boardroom

The seismic shift of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen abrupt changes at all levels of corporate governance. The boardroom has been hit by considerable change too, as companies have been forced to make rapid, high-impact decisions in response to uncertainties and shifting priorities.  5 Key Ways the Pandemic Has Transformed Corporate Governance According to the Harvard Business Review, this new era for boards "is characterized by an increasingly complex set of pressures and demands from various stakeholder groups, heightened expectations for societal engagement and corporate citizenship, and radical uncertainty about the future." These challenges are further complicating board decision-making and have challenged the usual shareholder-centric governance model in new ways. Download our fact sheet to understand how COVID-19 has shifted priorities in the board room and how the right technology can make organizations more agile and secure.

published on 2021/17/02

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