UGAP’s Key Role in the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

As part of the digital transformation of the public sector, UGAP plays an important role and is a key player. The national public procurement agency UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics) is a unique purchasing model in France. This organization operates in the public sector and enables contractors to benefit from cost reductions. This important support has been in place since 2013, providing solutions to develop innovation.

UGAP's key role in the digital transformation of the public sector

Simplifying public procurement with UGAP

In only 10 years, UGAP has positioned itself as a key player in digital transformation. It has become a channel for relationships and commerce and is visited by millions of people online. Helping to simplify public procurement, UGAP provides public procurement customers with immediate access to more than 1 million active products in over 3,400 markets. This is done without the need to agree on a contract first.

Because of how it operates, UGAP makes it much easier for the public sector to place orders and improve customer relations – a major issue today. Automating processes allows for greater autonomy for customers and improved service quality. This is achieved by allowing clients to easily quote online on any bids – simple or complex – that are of interest. They have access to tailor-made dashboards to manage their purchases, analyze their expenses, and thus better control their budgets.

UGAP: a fast, modern facilitator of performance

The organization UGAP has been providing unwavering support to local authorities since 2013. Positioning itself in favor of modernity and innovation, UGAP plays above all a facilitating role to provide a better speed of execution and increased financial performance. UGAP is the national central purchasing agency that allows all public purchasers to use its services. Local authorities are free to choose the solution to be implemented and the consortium mobilizes the desired skills to facilitate successful implementation.

Several projects and digital solutions have helped accelerate digital transformation by using UGAP. This is true for certain cities that decided to use a CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) software package via UGAP. Other departments have also opted for a CRM tool to create a 360-degree view of citizens.

Digitalizing through UGAP: opening of the first cloud market

DiliTrust specializes in secure governance solutions and is keen to continue its digital deployment. Therefore, We have chosen to be referenced by UGAP to support the digitalization of governance meetings within the public sector. This will align as closely as possible with their daily needs, particularly with a view to benefiting public administrative bodies (EPA by their French acronym).

Being a UGAP supplier provides an additional string to our bow as it enables us to offer more, and more modern, digital solutions to clients looking for efficiency and security of their data.

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