Streamline Contract Management in highly regulated industries

Contracts are key to pharmaceutical operations as they define and drive essential interactions with players such as suppliers, clinical research organizations, distributors and hospitals. Yet, managing these contracts often represents challenges, resulting in inefficiencies, heightened risk exposure, and poor visibility into contractual obligations.

Our CLM solution helps pharmaceutical organizations streamline contract management processes, mitigate risk and optimize relationships with suppliers, partners and customers. Request a demo!

Our contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution addresses these challenges through intelligent automation of the contract lifecycle, increasing visibility of contract details and enhancing compliance for legal, procurement, clinical, and sales teams.

A Stress-Free
CLM Solution

Simplify your contract management by creating a a centralized repository offering unlimited storage and facilitating seamless negotiation. From clinical trials to manufacturing, the contract management tool helps streamline it all.

Stay Agile,
Stay Compliant

Adapt to changing regulation effortlessly by spotting the relevant clauses in no time. Integrate flexibly with existing systems, monitor risks in real-time, and collaborate effectively. Stay agile with ease, ensuring compliance without sacrificing productivity.

Secure Contract Management

Increase reliability and security with automated workflows, robust approval processes, and GxP compliance. Protect intellectual property, maintain data privacy and integrity and uphold regulatory standards with confidence.

Contract Management module interface


Contract Management Made Easy

  • Store and manage a vast array of contracts specific to the pharmaceutical industry 
  • Enjoy unlimited storage for all your contract documents, ensuring easy access and retrieval 
  • Simplify contract negotiation processes, saving time and resources 
  • Reduce contract cycle time, enabling faster decision-making and agility in operations 
  • Leverage AI technology to quickly analyze and extract insights from contracts in various languages 
  • Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams, enhancing productivity and efficiency 
Contract Management module interface


More Flexibility, Enhanced Efficiency

  • Personalize your CLM platform to comply with the ever-changing regulatory context of the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to custom objects and workflows 
  • Identify opportunities to improve contract performance through data-driven and pharmaceutical-specific KPIs and insights
  • Accommodate a wide range of contract types, including clinical trial agreements, manufacturing contracts, and distribution agreements 
  • Enable real-time collaboration and tracking during the negotiation and execution phase to mitigate risk and close deals faster
  • Integrate with existing systems and platforms, ensuring interoperability and data consistency 
  • Align contract management practices with organizational values and objectives, fostering a culture of corporate governance and ethics 
Contract Management module interface
Contract Management module interface


Creating Trust Through Reliability

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, including GxP and FDA/EMA requirements 
  • Benefit from a single source of truth for all your pharmaceutical contract data, ensuring information integrity and reliability 
  • Leverage robust approval workflows and electronic signature capabilities, enabling seamless contract execution and management 
  • Protect sensitive intellectual property and patient data with advanced security features and encryption protocols 
  • Maintain compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, safeguarding sensitive information 
  • Access comprehensive audit trails of all contract activities, providing transparency and accountability 
  • Ensure compliance contractual obligations while minimizing risk are minimized, fostering trust and confidence among stakeholders. 

10x faster

than manual contract management

360° view

of all your contracts during their full lifecycle 

100%  traceability

of activities, ensuring accountability

At DiliTrust, we’re all about making your experience smooth and hassle-free. Our platform ensures that every interaction is intuitive and effortless, so you can focus on what matters most. With tailored solutions, we empower legal teams to shine, becoming indispensable assets in their organizations. We’re here to boost your confidence and expertise, simplifying even the most complex legal tasks. And rest assured, we’ve got your back when it comes to security, ensuring your legal operations are safe and sound every step of the way.


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Streamlined Contract Management for the Pharma Industry

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