Gain a 360° view of your entire contract lifecycle 

Take control of your contract management with our CLM solution. Leverage the power of advanced AI, with user-friendly features, for a secure and streamlined journey through the contract lifecycle. Request a demo!

Easily streamline contract activities 

Contract management becomes easier with DiliTrust. Designed for simplicity, our platform ensures smooth and user-friendly contract management for everyone. From importing documents to creating customized contracts, every step of your contract lifecycle is optimized for efficiency. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined contract management with the platform that thousands of users already use every day. 

Adapt DiliTrust to your business needs

Our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution offers adaptability for managing the contract lifecycle. You can customize features and workflows, adjusting DiliTrust to your organization’s unique needs.  Whether you need task automation, personalized contracts, or team collaboration, our CLM solution provides the flexibility you need to meet your business operation needs. 

Reliable and secure data

The security and reliability of your contract data is our top priority. DiliTrust offers a solution that ensures both data security and reliability. With our unique encryption method, native SSO integration, and proprietary artificial intelligence we implement advanced security measures to protect your contract data and make it actionable in your information system. 

10x faster

than manual contract management

360° view

of all your contracts during their full lifecycle 

100%  traceability

of every activity, ensuring transparency
and accountability

Master Your Contract Life Cycle

Simplify the intricate stages of your contracts with our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. Let our proprietary artificial intelligence transform the way you manage contracts in a secure environment.

Create & import





Contract Management module interface

Create & Import

Efficiency Contract Creation With Automation

  • Document Import and Character Recognition: easily import any contract and automatically get a comprehensive view of the contract’s key information by leveraging our OCR and AI technology available in your language. 
  • Clause Comparison: analyze differences between clauses in a contract and standard clauses in your library.  
  • Tasks, Approvals and Workflows: automatically trigger task creation, or approval requests, based on contract data and predefined workflows, whether internal or external, and manage internal validation before signing. 
  • Collaborate with your team: efficiently complete each necessary action on a contract to expedite the signature process and negotiate swiftly with the help of suggestions and comments.
  • Tailor-Made Contracts: simplify contract creation with pre-approved templates, or craft personalized contracts by selecting clauses from the Clause Library, and pre-filling data from your CRM or another connected platform.  
Contract Management module interface


Improve Collaboration and Document Control

  • Proofreading and Editing: enable staff and external contributors to proofread and edit contracts in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 
  • Centralized storage: organize your documents to your preference and search contract information with the multi-criteria search engine. 
  • Tasks, Approvals and Workflows: automatically trigger task creation, or approval requests, based on contract data and predefined workflows, whether internal or external, and manage internal validation before signing. 
  • Collaborate with your team: efficiently complete each necessary action on a contract to expedite the signature process and negotiate swiftly with the help of suggestions and comments.
  • Transparent Version History: maintain transparency with a detailed version history record.  
Contract Management module interface
Contract Management module interface


Enhance Contract Execution and Protection

  • Versatile E-signature providers: choose your preferred provider and sign any document directly from the platform (Docusign, Yousign, Adobe Sign, Hello Sign, Universign and Connective), with the option to send multiple documents at once. 
  • Legally Binding Contracts: ensure legal validity for all types of contracts with the extraction of signature certificates, providing thorough compliance audit trails. 
  • Secure Information Protection: protect sensitive information with identity verification and TFA (Two-Factor Authentication). 
Contract Management module interface


Enhance Visibility and Control With Centralized Storage

  • Centralized Storage: store and organize all your contracts in a secure and structured repository, enabling collaboration between teams. Granular control over access, visibility and management of each folder, team, user and file.
  • Newsfeed Summary: organize your day-to-day activities with a comprehensive overview of actions, tasks, tags and comments, directly from your homepage.   
Contract Management module interface
Contract Management module interface

Track, report, audit

Easily Monitor Contract Status and Progress

  • Automated Reminders: automatically generate reminders based on contract data, allowing tracking of deadlines, key dates and other critical information. Assign alerts with a single click. 
  • Data Extraction: export your data, in the format of your choice, or transfer it via API to your third-party platforms (ie. ERP, CRM, or other systems connected with API). 
  • Contract Status: check the status of your contracts at a glance. 
  • Deep Analysis: analyze your contract’s data or metadata with integrated reporting tools and custom KPIs. 
Interface Board Portal on desktop, tablet

Ever Wondered if One Tool Could Streamline Your Entire Contract Workflow?

Cut through contract chaos and bottlenecks. Implement our Contract Lifecycle Management solution for immediate time saving and efficiency. 

All your contracts in one centralised repository

Adopt a paperless, productive, and cost-effective approach to contract management by centralizing all your contracts using a single platform. Streamline day-to-day tasks, organize contracts and associated documents in a custom repository, and save time with instant information retrieval and easy analysis. 

Empower your team with proprietary AI

Optimize contract management with our proprietary AI, capable of automatically identifying key information within your contracts. Empower business teams with templated contracts and pre-validated clauses, allowing independent operations while ensuring compliance with local regulations and corporate policies. 

Secure your contract lifecycle processes

Guide your operational teams through the contract lifecycle, ensuring adherence to your policies from creation to signing, negotiation, and review. Automatically track version histories, including third-party redlining, and access thorough analyses, while automatic reminders prevent oversights in tacit renewals and deadlines.  

Increase internal and external collaboration

Manage approval and signature workflows for each contract. Users can manage contracts according to their assigned permissions and roles. With customizable audit trails, statistical reports, and a centralized database, collaboration is enhanced, providing universal access and smooth workflows anytime, anywhere. 


Not Just Any AI Out There

Our CLM platform features a contract-focused artificial intelligence (Al) system, specifically engineered to assist teams responsible for contract management in their daily tasks. 

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence

DiliTrust develops and trains its own AI. Our AI (both extractive and generative) is built by a dedicated team, with our own technology, and hosted on our own premises, to protect our data. We have no dependency on external AI providers, which makes us very flexible when it comes to the solution we can offer.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

DiliTrust OCR technology transforms any file or image into text, readable by our AI. It performs a thorough analysis of the document, understanding the structure and layout, and highlighting key information such as dates, names, and clauses, and even compares them to your standards, to identify deviations.

Continuous Improvement

Our Al employs Machine Learning algorithms to learn and adapt from its interaction with users. You will be able to train the AI to identify new elements, concepts, or structures that are specific and unique to your contracts.

Multi-Language Technology

Our CLM platform has been designed to work in a multilingual fashion, with one configuration per user. Our AI is fully trained in over eight languages, and currently supports more than 34 languages, with more to come.

Training Our Own AI Since 2017

Trained by our own data scientist team for 7 years. Your data never goes to OpenAI, Google, or any other provider.​

We work only on governance and legal topics, everything we do ​is to meet your specific needs.​

You can train your model to learn about your specific needs ​autonomously. ​

With 7 years of experience in AI, not only do we integrate innovations ​but we do it knowingly. Oh, and we publish AI related papers too. ​

At DiliTrust, we’re all about making your experience smooth and hassle-free. Our platform ensures that every interaction is intuitive and effortless, so you can focus on what matters most. With tailored solutions, we empower legal teams to shine, becoming indispensable assets in their organizations. We’re here to boost your confidence and expertise, simplifying even the most complex legal tasks. And rest assured, we’ve got your back when it comes to security, ensuring your legal operations are safe and sound every step of the way.


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